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Guys Bicycles

One lucky little girl's 1st bike!

No matter how many electronic gadgets and gizmos exist for children, there are few things better than a brand new bike sitting under the tree. Whether it's a toddler's first bike, complete with training wheels; a “cool” BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) bike for your pre-teen; a comfort bike for your loved one to cruise down the shore in the summer; or gifts for the hard-core cycling enthusiast, the repeat winner of “Best in Bucks” Guy's Bicycles, located in Feasterville, has had Bucks County's biking needs covered for 40 years.

Bikes For Kids:

Purchasing a bike for your kid is no ordinary purchase- it requires expertise, proper assembly, and quality materials…after all, your kids will be spending hours flying around the neighborhood at high speeds on it!  Some important things to consider:

– How tall is your child? Fitting a bike is important for your child's safety, comfort and confidence in riding.

– Is assembly included? (Avoid the late-night Christmas Eve headache!)

– Were high-quality materials used?  Ask if it's made of steel alloy with plastic parts vs. high-tensile steels and aluminum parts. Besides basic safety, a well-made bike can be passed down for future generations to enjoy.

– Is there a warranty and what does it cover?


Children's Holiday Bikes Specials From Guy's: 50% OFF any youth helmet with your purchase of a youth bike! (up to 24″ wheeled bike.)

Bikes for Pre-teens and Teens:

One of the most popular children's bike categories is BMX, which stands for Bicycle Moto Cross. While people often throw around the BMX term generically, when you're shopping for one, it's important to understand that there are three different types of BMX bikes: the true BMX bike, the freestyle bike and the dirt jumper or just “jump” bike. Check out this detailed BMX break-down from Guy's Bicycles.

BMX Bikes bucks county, guys bicycles

For the non-BMX older kids, those who want a bike to cruise through town or ride along the Delaware canal, there are tons of other options such as Comfort Bikes- designed for easy pedaling and the least amount of stress on the body, Road Sport Bikes– built for use on pavement, and Cruisers– equipped with comfy wide seats and handlebars for leisurely spins to school, pedaling to the shore, or just for coasting around the neighborhood.

Teen Holiday Bikes Specials From Guy's:

– 20% off all Nantucket Bicycle Baskets in stock
– Eastern BMX TRL Digger marked down from $396 to $296
– Eastern BMX Bettery marked down from $415 to $310


guy's bicycles Bucks County
Guy's Bicycles Bucks Countyboys bikes bucks county







Bikes for Adults

If you're buying for an adult, you'll want to consider if the person your buying for is:

  • A new cyclist?
  • Into improving your fitness (medium to long rides)?
  • Interested in touring?
  • Training for an event?
  • Getting into racing or triathlon?
  • Thinking of commuting to work/around town?
  • Taking up off-road riding?
  • Joining a group of friends who bike?

Choose from Comfort Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Road Racing Bikes, Recumbents, Road Sport Bikes, & Cruisers and then shop around for accessories.


Guy's Bikes Feasterville

Guy's Bikes Feasterville


Adult Holiday Bike Specials:

No interest for 12 months: financing on any Trek bike purchase totalling over $500! (conditional to credit approval.)**

Trek Tarpon Mountain Bike: Marked down from $420 to $336

Trek 700 Hybrid: Marked down from $320 to $256

FREE Sunlite alloy cage and Guy's 40th Anniversary waterbottle with your adult bike purchase!

Biking Accessories

Biking Shoes feasterville

Biking Helmits feasterville

Guy's Bicycles

326 East Street Road

Feasterville  PA 19053


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