The Dance Academy (TDA) in Holland has been teaching students in Lower Bucks since 1987. TDA offers over 70 classes a week in all disciplines of dance, including, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Pointe. But in addition to learning to plié, shuffle, step-heel and pirouette, the dancers at TDA are gaining valuable life lessons that go beyond the studio.

5 Life Lessons You Learn From Dance:

1: Self-confidence

Even the best dancers started somewhere. Learning to dance should be fun, but it can also be tricky. Remembering the moves and performing them well is a great accomplishment. And with every new step mastered, dancers gain confidence. This feeling of pride and can-do attitude can transfer to so many other aspects of their lives. They can dance … now what ELSE can they do!?

“I believe what sets TDA apart is our commitment to our belief in ‘professional training with a personal touch.' Each student is important to us. We truly believe that every child deserves to have the best technical dance training available, while still keeping an eye out on an individual's needs.” ~Donnajean Kline, Owner of The Dance Academy

2: Time Management

Being part of a dance class is a commitment that takes up time in a dancer's life. Juggling school, other activities and classes teaches dancers about organization and priorities. These are skills that are invaluable in college, a career and life in general!

The Dance Academy offers a dance home for all students. Whether a student participates in the recreational program ( 1 or 2 classes per week) or the intensive program  ( 8, 10, or even 15 classes per week), everyone is a valued student at The Dance Academy.

3: Teamwork

There's a reason that many dancers find that their best friends are their classmates! Spending so much time together working toward a common goal often creates some serious bonding. On top of that, a dance is only as strong as its weakest dance member. This encourages dancers to help out their classmates and work together for the best results. Learning to get along with others and bring out the best in people is a skill that extends to so many areas of life.

The Dance Academy becomes a second family for many of its dancers. In fact, TDA's dancers have remained so engaged that several students have come back as teachers and staff to pass down that experience to the next generation of dancers.

4: Perseverance

Learning something new doesn't always come easy, but dancing teaches students that if you want to achieve something, you need to stick with it! Whether it's overcoming fears, mastering a skill or achieving a certain level of competition, many students set goals as young dancers that they spend years working toward. Perseverance can make the difference between failure and success in just about everything you do.

“Often, we are extremely fortunate to meet students as toddlers and participate in their dance journey through their high school graduation. I count my blessings every day to be fortunate enough to do what I love to do surrounded by an amazing staff and wonderful TDA families and students. Our alumni represent very successful individuals in many diverse fields. Performing arts, medicine, engineering, educators, and business to name only a few.” ~ Donnajean Kline, Owner of The Dance Academy

5: Passion

If you want to be great at something, you have to be passionate about it! Dancing is as emotional as it is technical. The best dancing is when you can tell how much the dancers love what they do!

Through recitals, competitions, advertising publications, professional companies, and tours; Dance Academy students are spreading their passion for dance both here in the States as well as on international stages.

Parents might sign their children up for dance lessons because they love to leap and twirl. But the truth is, they're learning more than just dance steps. Students learn to set goals, develop time management skills, and learn to work together as an important part of a group. They learn to believe in themselves, and take pride in their accomplishments. All of these life lessons help create motivated young adults prepared and equipped to be successful in the future.

The Dance Academy is located 1476 Buck Road in Holland, PA.

To find out more, visit their website and Facebook page. Both are updated weekly and have tons of information about the studio. Or, call 215-860-9530. They will be happy to arrange a visit or free trial class. 

Summer Session begins on July 26th and runs through August. The schedule can be found here. Registration for the '19-'20 season will begin mid-August. TDA offers rolling admission, so children are always more than welcome to join classes.

(Students enrolling after March will not be able to participate in the Spring Recital.)

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