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Find your bold kitchen style.

A kitchen is the beating heart of a house, the very epicenter of activity and quite often the deciding factor in home purchasing decisions. Most people agree that when deciding on home renovation projects the kitchen is one that packs the most punch. It can also be one of the most expensive and challenging rooms to renovate. Having the right professionals in the mix can mean the difference between budget-busting mistakes and a smooth-sailing reno.  

Kitchens remodels are a favorite project of construction and remodeling expert Mike DeMaio of Milex Residential.

He loves the challenge of a unique kitchen, but he has one big kitchen don't. “Don’t try and recreate what your neighbor did”, he advises. “Be bold and make choices which work for your family’s specific set of circumstances.”

One of the things which most homeowners hope for, but not all attain, is the elusive WOW factor.

Creating wow factor in a kitchen doesn't necessarily have to be extremely expensive,” said Mike, “we use focal points in the kitchen to get that wow effect, and it doesn't always have to be something extravagant.”

Mike’s past clients have added a variety of special features from pop up electric outlets, inlaid tile backsplashes and a recent favorite which included a coffee bar with live edge hickory shelves. Mike says he will advise a client if a design choice will negatively impact real estate value, but ultimately his most important advice for homeowners is to do what they love.

Read on for some ideas to take your kitchen to the next level.

1 Clean & Bold

Unique backsplashes that can act as a focal point. Such as these dramatic backsplash tile choice.

2 Break the Rules

Who says you have to have one type of cabinet.  In this home beautiful two-tone cabinets create visual interest. The perimeter cabinets are a classic brown paired with a bold blue island. 

“Be bold and make choices which work for your family’s specific set of circumstances.”
– Michael DeMaio

3 Functional and Fabulous

Sometimes a uniquely functional item can make a kitchen special. Pot fillers are one way to wow home chefs.

4 Bold Backsplash

An innlaid tile backsplash can help set your kitchen apart. This type tile piece over the stove that acts as its own work of art.

5 Bells and Whistles

Pop-up electric electric sockets are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, they can be a great addition especially in historic homes where they owner wants to maintain historical character.

6 Mixing Materials

Live edge hickory shelving added visual interest to this coffee bar. Using unique material can really set a space apart.

A kitchen renovation can be an expensive and chaotic proposition, but, Mike said, “It's one which ultimately makes a home owner’s life easier and can add a great deal of value to a home,”

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