by Arvin C

The beginning of every school season begins with a flurry of activities for parents and kids alike. Keeping calm during this hectic time is all about proper planning.

During busy mornings, families often find themselves with inadequate time to prepare for the new day. But lack of time doesn’t mean your family can’t look their best when facing the day ahead!

One of those morningtime frustrations specific to females is their hair. No matter if it’s long, short, blonde, or blue, both kids and adults can struggle to feel achievable inspiration in the hair department. And let’s face it, a blow dry just isn’t always possible! Here are a few quick, easy-to-do hairstyles to freshen up you and your daughter’s hair routine this Back to School season:

The Low, Loose Bun

Ideal for those days when you don’t even have time to fit in a wash! Grab some dry shampoo and go with this classic style by sweeping your hair into an elastic at the base of your head. Leave the hair looped into the elastic rather than pulling it all the way through. Remove a handful of pieces, and re-secure with bobby pins. If you have side bangs or an angled hairstyle, remove a few wisps in the front to complete the look.


Flat Iron Curls

Split your hair into two sections. Tightly twist each section. Apply Flat Iron directly to twist. Done!



Perfect Messy Bun

Grab two hair bands and a few bobby pins for finishing.  Create a high pony tail; flip your head if you are having trouble securing. Twist the hair and wrap the ponytail into a bun and secure with the second hair band. Then, lighltly pull on the hair atop your head as well as within the bun to create the appropriate “messy” look.  Any stragglers should be pinned with bobby pins.

Easy Braid

Part your hair to the side and create a simple braid half way down the head. Add a cute ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.17.54 AM

Bohemian Twist

The style is easy and fine with either clean or messy hair. You are just going to begin with two parts up top before wisting them up. Then add more hair into the two sections before twisting them up. Proceed with French twisting up to your temple and then twist down the remaining part of the hair and tie it using a clear elastic. The twist may unravel a bit thus should be secured with a bobby pin at the temple where the regular twist is started. Lastly, the strands are pulled in order to give them more volume.


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