Learn How to “Seal” in Your Employment Value

In a competitive market, job candidates and employees with skill sets clearly in line with job descriptions are highly valued. Yet for job seekers, individuals with standout skills are more likely to get hired than those who only have the basics. One way to increase your status as a highly valued and sought after employee is to pursue becoming a notary.

A Notary is someone who has taken classes and passed a certification test to receive a Notary commission. Among other duties, they are able to verify the identity of individuals for the purposes of signing legal documents and forms. For companies whose clients must frequently present forms with a notarized signature, the convenience of an onsite notary is especially helpful and adds value to the services already provided.

Bucks County Community College helps individuals who want to expand their skill base. They offer a variety of Workplace and Professional Courses including training to become a notary in Pennsylvania. As an approved notary education provider in the state, they are offering several courses during 2018.

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Classes for basic notary training will be held on the Newtown campus one evening each month from June through October. Cost for the three hour class is just $89. Student will learn the powers, duties and obligations of a Notary and how to keep accurate records. The instructor will also outline the procedure for testing, submitting the application and requirements for maintaining a commission.

Registration can be completed online here or also by calling (215) 968-8409. Additional training is available for those wishing to become notary signing agents able to assist with the closing of real estate deals.

Once training is completed, students must pass an examination, submit an application, meet the legal requirements and take an oath.

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