“BREAKING” NEWS! The Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) has just completed the first phase of their  $12-15 million, 45,000 sq foot renovation/expansion. The project had been named “Breaking Boundaries” because they are literally tearing down the walls of the club to create an even more amazing experience for Members.

In addition, the NAC is breaking the boundaries of anything the health club industry has done to date. As the third largest individually owned single property health club in the nation, the NAC is on its way to becoming the ultimate lifestyle club. After completion, every single inch of the NAC will have been redesigned, re-purposed, renewed, renovated or expanded upon. The goal? To offer the style, status and amenities of a five star resort.

The first part of the expansion opened on April 5 – the new men's locker room. With a relaxing, luxurious feel in mind, it is now double in size and scope. The locker room now features 129 more lockers (268 total), as well as 6 additional showers, 5 more toilets, 4 additional urinals and 8 more sinks/grooming areas. There is also a brand new men's steam room and sauna.

Not to worry, the women's locker room will also be renovated – adding additional lockers, showers, private changing areas, sinks, make-up stations and more. The ladies will also have a new salt sauna and steam room.

Some of the exciting changes:

  • New, expanded adult locker rooms

  • Brand new boutique style group exercise studios

  • Relocated and redesigned Six Zone

  • Salon and Spa relocated to the first level

  • New 6,000-square foot Wellness Center

  • Redesigned entrance and NACafe

Photos of the recently opened new Men's Locker Room.

We spoke with a representative from the NAC to find out more:

BH: When did the renovation begin? And when is it expected to be finished?

NAC: We began last year and it will take place in phases over the next 2 years.

BH: The new men’s locker rooms are the most recent project. When did they open? And what’s next?

NAC: They opened Friday, April 5. The new group studios are expected to open in the summer.

BH: Your website describes the new group exercise studios as “boutique.” What exactly does this mean?

NAC: This 45,000 Sq. Ft. renovation/expansion places a heavy focus on 6 boutique group exercise studios for the various exercise modalities (such as yoga). Each of these areas will have its own brand (look, style, and name) in order to demonstrate the uniqueness of each modality and the already wide variety of proficiency that we offer to the member experience all under one roof.

BH: How is the renovation impacting how the club operates?

NAC: We do our best to not cause any disruption to our members, yet with construction there is always a little bit of that. We consistently minimize disruption as best as possible.

BH: Which part of the expansion are you personally most excited about?

NAC: Personally, I’m most excited about the boutique studios. The amount of detail that has been put into creating these spaces over the last several years, I have no doubt will make the NAC not only one of the best clubs on the globe, but will provide an unmatched experience for members all under one roof.

BH: What has the feedback been like so far? What do Members seem the most excited about?

NAC: Right now, members are raving about the locker rooms since the men’s locker room is the first part of the expansion to open. They are luxurious and relaxing offering a high-end resort, spa style environment.

BH: Will there be an event to celebrate the end? A Reopening?

NAC: We’ll see when we get to the completion…stay tuned!

Photos from the expansion plans.

(Left to Right: Entrance to Yoga & Pilates, Yoga Studio, Six Zone)

Newtown Athletic Club is located at 120 Pheasant Run in Newtown.

For more information and to take a Virtual Tour of the Future NAC, click here.


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