Three Barks for the Bucks County Dog Park!

Bucks County Dog Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 7/7/10

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 7/7/10

After years of campaigning, the Bucks County Off- Leash Dog Area at Core Creek Park officially opened yesterday, July 7th at 5pm.  Back in December 2007, Patrick Flanigan began blogging to spread the idea of a dog park located near Newtown, PA.  As the message gained momentum & the media picked up on his campaign, Partick’s dream for a dog park in Core Creek Park began to make progress. Now three years later, Patrick’s vision has become a reality as members can access the dog park, located at the Tollgate Road entrance of the park, from 7am to sunset every day.

The user fee for in county residents is $12.00, and for non-residents $20.00, for the remainder of 2010.  Next year, the annual fee will be $25 for in county residents and $40 for non-residents. An application form, which requires proof of rabies vaccination and a dog license, are available at the Bucks County Department of Parks & Recreation office at Core Creek.

The park offers many amenities including benches, landscaped pathways, water fountains, convenient parking, restrooms, biodegradable bags & waste stations, and play items for dogs such as hydrants.  So that off-leash dogs can enjoy the park safely, there are two distinctly separate fenced in areas- a Large Dog Area (Dogs over 28 lbs.) and a Small Dog Area (Dogs 28 lbs. or less)- with two separate entrance/exit areas. Dogs will be classified by weight class when access cards are granted, and each card will be programmed to allow access only to one designated area.

Thanks to Patrick & all of the other supporters who campaigned to create the Bucks County Off-Leash Dog Park, both dogs & dog-owners can now enjoy this wonderful space in Core Creek Park for years to come.

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