Canoeing in Tyler State Park

In the 15+ years that I have lived in this area, I have only visited Tyler State Park once or twice.  I have been missing out! This past Labor Day weekend, my husband and I decided take advantage of the beautiful weather.  I didn't realize was how many activities were offered in that park:  hiking, biking, horseback riding, picnicking, fishing, disc golf, sledding, horseback riding & ice skating to name a few.  The Disc Golf particularly sounds interesting.  It's 18 “holes” just like golf, but it involves throwing disc-like frisbees into baskets instead of golf balls into holes.

We chose this time to rent a canoe.  It's $18 for an hour, $35 for the whole day. We only had the time canoe for an hour, but I wish we had left time to spend the whole day there.  The Neshaminy Creek spans 50 miles so there is definitely plenty of water to make a day of it.  We went out around 3 and there were about 10 other canoes out on the water.  Some groups were fishing from their canoe, other groups laughed loudly as they knocked each other into the water, while others just floated along and soaked up the sun.  It was pretty hilarious to see my husband and I trying to row at the same time- more than once we found ourselves spinning in a circle because we were rowing at different speeds.  And what a great arm workout! I will definitely be going back, but next time we'll make the day out of it.

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