Friends Night Out at Tyler Park Coffeehouse

When many of us think of Tyler Park- we think of sprawling greenery, picnics, and outdoor activities but the picturesque park is also home to a Center for the Arts. Now,the fact that the center for the arts includes art classes and camps may not come as a huge surprise to most of you, but what you might not know is that they also run a Coffeehouse, with awesome musical performances on the third Saturday of every month at 7pm. Check out the talented July 21st line-up below:

Lily Mae is 15 years old and started performing at age 4. The following year, she sang on the CD recording of the musical, “That’s What Kids Do!” Lily has gone on to perform and record for many other musicals. More recently, Lily has been playing guitar for about a year, and can be found playing at local coffee houses. She has gotten terrific responses from the famed producer, Dan Romer (producer for Ingrid Michaelson and Jenny Owen Youngs), who was taken with Lily’s home recording of his song “Rays, and posted it on his website. Likewise, popular indie recording artists, Jenny Owen Youngs and Bess Rogers, have also posted about Lily’s recordings and performances of their music. Lily has also been co writing songs with her sister. With so many positive things happening, Lily Mae is excited about her future in music!

Christian Roebling is a Singer-songwriter who made his debut at John & Peter’s in New Hope PA and his NYC debut at Lucille’s at BB King’s Blues Club. His first CD was entitled LEAVE HERE RUNNIN’ and featured Dan Rieser on drums (Nora Jones/Little Willies) and Tim Luntzel (Jesse Harris / Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes) on Bass. His next CD was a solo effort entitled DEATH DEFYING. Today, he gets to play with his daughter Sofia. She keeps him on his toes. I get to play guitar for her and drive the car.

Sofia Szul made her professional debut at the age of 6 by doing a voice over for Sesame Street with Elmo! She has been singing since she could talk and boppin’ her head before she could walk. In 2012, Sofia appeared as Melanie in GREY STREET: The Musical that premiered at The Actor’s Chapel in St. Malachy’s Church in NYC. She comes out to sing, tell the truth and gets to the emotion.

Barry Peterson came to Bucks County from Princeton New Jersey 20 years ago, is a solo guitarist (at Karla’s in New Hope every Monday for several years now) and singer-songwriter inclined toward humor and parody. His “Tootsie Poppa” character–and-show is a fixture in Delaware Valley retirement communities. Barry is currently trying to break into print with “Ballad of America,” a year-by-year rhyming-verse history of the U.S. from 1750 to the present.

Working Class Hussys is an original alternative rock band with a southern blend. Like Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Beatles. It’s sometimes called whimsical or quirky; the songs are melodic with many influences.

The band is led by Ian Patrick Gentles, recently returned to his home turf after an extended stay in Nashville. A prolific writer, Gentles has written hundreds of songs and continues to write, perform and produce them in his home studio.The band is currently working on a set of songs about driving and life on the road, based on recent songs from Gentles’ experience driving a truck to make ends meet while pursuing his musical career. Currently his two releases, Diary of A Blue Collar Cracker and Urban Country are widely distributed on the internet and on iTunes.



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