A Cornerstone for Chronic Illness Sufferers

by Lauren Rooney

People Exercising at a GymnasiumThe hustle and bustle of the holidays is now behind us and there is little doubt that a few extra calories were consumed along the way. Chances are that many of us here in Bucks County have resolved to get fit, lose weight, or just simply, to live a healthier lifestyle.

What about those of us, or the ones we love, that are suffering with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, or arthritis?  These illnesses can often have debilitating consequences that make people too tired or in too much pain to improve their general wellness.  The fitness experts at Cornerstone Clubs believe wellness is important for everyone and thanks to their partnership with Doylestown Hospital, they are making it possible.

Wellness means so many things, and for people with chronic diseases it can mean living longer, more comfortably, and with less pain. Gone are the days when doctors recommended nothing but rest for patients with arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. Certainly getting enough rest both at night and during the day is important, but so is getting the right type of physical activity. Cornerstone Clubs has come up with fitness programs designed for people suffering with chronic illnesses. They also offer services, such as massage and acupuncture, in their state of the art spa, which are aimed at promoting relaxation and aiding the wellness process.

Yes, wellness generally means taking trips to the gym, meeting with trainers, and watching what you eat. But did you know that you can derive major benefits from massage and acupuncture?

“Acupuncture is wonderful for anyone. It helps your immune system, increases energy, helps with stress and anxiety, can help improve your sleep just to mention a few.” Says Suzie Lee, licensed Acupuncturist for The Cornerstone Clubs. While most people seek acupuncture to relieve a certain symptom such as pain or stress Suzie suggests giving it a try even if you are just trying to balance yourself and be well, “We are more than just a collection of symptoms, everyone in one way or another is under stress, and acupuncture helps to balance the body.”

Suzie explains that the purpose of acupuncture is to; “Proactively optimize the function of the body and support the well-being of a person to promote overall health.”

This is especially important for a person suffering with a chronic illness like cancer. Suzie and her colleague, massage therapist Melissa Baun, are particularly skilled and sensitive to providing treatment for their clients who suffer from the disease “The reality is, cancer sucks, it is my job to help my patients have more good days than bad days” Says Suzie. This can be done through acupuncture as it can help someone have better days by improving their appetite and allowing them to get better sleep. massage

“I call what we do here integrative wellness” says Melissa, who has a background working at Abington hospital. Massage is another thing that can help anyone improve their  overall wellness, maybe you even received a gift certificate for one this holiday. More and more however doctors are insisting that the benefits of massage are intrical for treating chronic diseases. “The most common treatment I do is for my breast cancer patients it’s a mastectomy massage to help reduce scar tissue and prevent further growth thereby giving greater mobility to the patient.”

Both Melissa and Suzie work with the hospitals and speak at support groups to educate patients on things they can do to improve their health and their lifestyle with the disease. Melissa explains, “For people with breast cancer it’s almost like you become a breast for the year, going in and out of doctors offices it becomes all about that one part of your body, massage is something that helps connect you with your body as a whole.”

So let’s kick off this new year right by improving our wellness not only in the gym but also in the spa. For more information on their medical fitness programs contact Cornerstone Clubs.


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