Thinking Outside the “Corporate Box”: Innovative Bucks County Bread Sharing Programs

bread box bakery

As we enter into a new year, we savor the opportunity for self-improvement, the vow to be better – eat more nutritiously; enjoy family dinners; increase productivity at work; support the community.

bread box bakeryA local bakery in Perkasie is helping locals achieve those goals and more through an innovative and affordable Community Supported Bakery (CSB) Program, available for both families and business.

Bread Box & Bakery owner J. Ryman Maxwell is passionate about making wholesome, locally sourced food available to the community- in his restaurants, at their homes, and even in the workplace. The CSB program creates a special relationship between a local business and the community it serves – the bakery commits to providing high-quality, affordable food to the community and the community commits to supporting that bakery throughout the year, helping them navigate through the seasonality of the baking business.

bread box bakery

Families that participate in the Bread Box & Bakery CSB program are able to choose from a variety of fresh-baked products to enjoy at home- granola, croissants, dinner rolls, fresh breadcrumbs, loaves, and more. The bakery will also do their best to accommodate special requests- such as low gluten bread.

bread box bakery

But Ryman is looking beyond the household, to a location that many of us spend more than 30% of our working lives at- the office.

Picture this – it’s 3pm on Wednesday and a sleepy afternoon lull has settled in at the office. Productivity begins to waiver.  Employees turn to a box of cookies in the break room in an effort to boost energy. But before much work can be done, that temporary sugar-high fades, and the room is left feeling less than stellar.

bread box bakeryBucks County businesses like Stenella Antiques in Perkasie; Exida in Sellersville; & Webber, Kracht, and Chellew Law Offices have discovered a better way to fuel their workplaces – the Bread Box & Bakery Corporate Box Program, which brings fresh, locally-sourced baked goods to Bucks County businesses.

Here’s how it works- businesses are able to buy into a discounted annual package from the popular local bakery and receive 20 “shares” to use throughout the year. Shares can be spent on a variety of tasty treats including muffins, croissants, scones, cookies, and bars. Offices are able to utilize these shares to suit a variety of needs – a monthly reward for their workforce, a gift for clients, a snack in the waiting room, refreshments at a meeting. Bread Box & Bakery offers delivery to businesses in Perkasie & Sellersville; anyone outside of that region is able to pick up orders at their convenience.

And local businesses are seeing the benefits of enrolling in the program; 100% of members re-signed in 2016!
To learn more about signing up for the Community Support Bakery programs for your family or Corporate Box Program for your office, call 215-257-5057 or email [email protected].

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