The New Winery on the Block- Desiato’s Winery in the Woods

There’s a new winery on the block in Bucks County- Desiato’s Winery in the Woods in Pipersville. While the Desiatos are no strangers to the Bucks County culinary scene, having owned & operated Mamma D’s Cucina Italian for several years, they’ve only recently opened a separate location to host wine tastings. Having produced their own wine for over a decade, the Desiato’s aim to bring their love for Italian wines to Pennsylvania.

The tasting room is located on a heavily wooded property in Tinicum Township, about three miles away from their original Mamma D’s location. The small, one-room structure welcomes the curious customer with it’s many eccentricities- a hand painted door, a restored throne chair, a variety of loud Italian merchandise, and even an intimidating sign warning trespassers that all employees can operate weapons (yikes!). Well, they certainly had my attention.

While I had no interest in staying outside on the particularly cold December day of our visit, I could imagine the deck being a beautiful place to enjoy a bottle of wine during the warmer months. With no vineyards on site, our wine tasting hostess explained that the Desiato family owns two farming properties, one in Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey, where the grapes used in their homemade wines are grown. In addition to hand-bottling and labeling their wines, the Desiatos are committed to natural & pesticide free farming. The family-owned simplicity of the winery makes for an enjoyable, small-shop experience. Don’t expect to see fermentation tanks or other heavy machinery; we could even see their latest spiced apple wine fermenting in a glass carboy.

Desiato Winery in the Woods keeps their tasting visits simple as well, offering free wine tastings from noon-5pm each weekend. Rather than sipping out of a wine glass, visitors receive a small plastic cup for their samplings. The tasting consists of about a half dozen wines, ranging from white to red to dessert wines, with several of them being blends- including a Pinot Chardonney and Cabernet Merlot. I particularly enjoyed the warmed sangria wine, which reminded me of the mulled wines sold during the Carnivale festivities in Venice.

Check it out for yourself. Desiato Winery in the Woods is located in the hills of Tinicum Township, Bucks County at 522 E. Dark Hollow Rd, and hosts FREE wine tastings every weekend between 12 and 5pm.


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