Thousands of kids across Bucks County are wearing braces right now. Despite this rite of passage empowering kids with gorgeous smiles for the rest of their lives, just saying the word “orthodontist” or “braces” is enough to send many children into throws of panic.

However, the kids going to Bucks County orthodontist Dr. Sam Kadan are singing a different tune. Dr. Kadan & his talented team have taken extraordinary care to provide the very best orthodontist experience possible.

Check out 5 ways that Dr. Sam Kadan has kids smiling about going to the orthodontist:

1. An awesome office: Kids are actually wishing for longer wait times at each visit! At Dr. Sam Kadan's spacious, modern offices, kids find iPad play stations loaded with 75 games each! Younger siblings are just as happy, entertaining themselves with a variety of educational games and puzzles. And they didn't forget about mom and dad. With the kids busy playing, you can take a load off in their comfortable seats in a serene setting. So that you're able to ensure your kids are getting the best possible service, there's even a special seat designated for you to accompany your child into the treatment area.

2. Prizes: Kids going to Dr. Sam Kadan are able to participate in fun incentive programs.  As part of the The Wooden Nickel Program, patients receive tokens for good behavior, which they can redeem for awesome prizes like movie tickets or gift cards.  New patients are given an official “piggy bank cup” to collect their wooden nickels.

3. They're tech savvy: It makes sense to communicate with kids where they already are spending their time- online! Dr. Sam Kadan and staff offer a variety of ways for kids to interact with them online, such as with their Braces Band Color Chooserinteractive braces builder, and their active Facebook page.

4. They are our neighbors. Doesn't it make you feel more secure to know that the person operating machinery in your mouth is a trusted member of our community? Dr. Sam Kadan and his family are Doylestown residents. You can even interact with them outside of the dental chair at fun local events, such as the recent IRUN4LIFE charity event.

5. They truly care: Upon first meeting the team at Dr. Sam Kadan's office, you will know that they truly care about each and every patient. They are committed to listening to their patients' needs. In fact, patients are always welcome to provide feedback, which they can easily do in person or at anytime with their online survey.




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