Victoria Schade working on set of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

Doylestown Dog Trainer Brings Puppy Bowl Training Secrets to Bucks County
Victoria Schade Launches Frolic Pup, Helping New Puppies Become Great Dogs

Victoria Schade, author, speaker, dog trainer, and lead “animal wrangler” on Animal Planet’s popular Puppy Bowl, is taking on canine clients in Bucks County with an eye towards making good manners a priority from puppyhood. “Puppies love to learn, so starting young and keeping lessons fun is a great way to start off on the right paw for a lifetime of polite behavior,” Schade says.
Schade’s work on Puppy Bowl finds her on the sidelines as the gridiron action unfolds, as well as on the field during the puppies’ introductions during starting lineups. Schade uses a variety of techniques to coach the untrained canine players, from novel treats, including the occasional corn chip, to funny sounds. The most challenging part of the shoot is getting the puppies to watch the flag while the Star Spangled Banner plays. “I make a fool of myself getting those puppies to look up, meowing and whining, but it works! When I’m interacting with the pups, we’re a team. I love every minute of it, and it’s clear that they do too.”
With Puppy Bowl on the horizon, Schade offers a few pointers for new puppy parents from her Frolic Pup training program:
• Keep training sessions short and fun. Even though it’s tempting to keep pushing until a new behavior is perfect, always end your lesson before your pup gets bored or punchy, and wrap up on a high note.
• Don’t underestimate your puppy’s abilities. Puppies have an incredible capacity to learn new things; so don’t limit your pup’s training vocabulary to just “sit.”
• Always use positive training. The best way to teach dogs of all ages new tricks is to use positive reinforcement training. Research has shown that there’s no reason to use pain to train, so put away those choke chains and shock collars and train with your brain instead.
Victoria Schade is an award winning dog trainer, author and speaker known for her upbeat approach to living and working with dogs. She won a Dog Writer’s Association of America Maxwell Medallion for her groundbreaking puppy training DVD, “New Puppy! Now What?” Her first book, “Bonding With Your Dog; A Trainer’s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship” was also nominated for a Maxwell. Her latest book, “Secrets of a Dog Trainer: Positive Problem Solving for a Well-Behaved Dog” was published in 2014.
Victoria has worked with Animal Planet for ten years as the lead animal trainer on the channel’s popular Puppy Bowl special, and appeared as a co-host on the program “Faithful Friends” during its two-season run. She’s worked with puppies and adult dogs behind the scenes on a variety of commercials and specials, like the Smithsonian Channel’s program, “Animals Aloft.”
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