by Erin McNelis


A Doctor-patient relationship is a key to successful medical care. And Feasterville's Dr. Yuriy Ilkovych, MD believes in the patient not just as a body, but as a person.

“We approach Medicine as integrated part of your life, not just one more pill to take or one more test to do to ‘check out' in your medical records.”

His philosophy is backed up by years of training and knowledge.  After studying and working as a family physician in Ukraine, Dr. Ilkovych immigrated to the United States and completed an internal medicine residency at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ. He is board certified in internal medicine and credits his experience in both family and acute care with his holistic approach to treating patients.


“Having had training in two medical systems, I wanted to inherit best practices from both of them in order to be ready to react professionally in different environments,” explains Dr. Ilkovych. “I can offer a comprehensive approach to patient care, whether in the primary care, hospital, or outpatient medicine.”

Dr. Ilkovych observed in the hospital that many times conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes could have been prevented with awareness and proactive approach. That inspired him to pursue proactive medicine with accents on lifestyle modifications in addition to traditional medicine that unfortunately often reminds factory “assembly line manufacturing process”.

“Often a patient is unaware they have hypertension or they think that serious health problem may happen to anybody but them,….then they end up needing hospital care due to devastating health event,” says Dr. Ilkovych.

At his new primary care and internal medicine office, YuraMed, Dr. Ilkovych seeks to create better communication between primary care and hospital, as well as better communication between doctor and patient.

“Nowadays, we have so many diagnostic tests and treating protocols,” says Dr. Ilkovych. “I think that creates a kind of barrier between the doctor and patient. We are losing communication. Sometimes all that people need is simple eye to eye contact with a doctor and open discussion about health related concern.”

Dr. Ilkovych stresses that he is willing to take a couple extra minutes to give the patient the information and care they need for better outcomes.

“It is also very important for me to know a patient very well, because then I can make a decision based not only on my expertise but also based on my knowledge of person’s medical history, his lifestyle and values. And more information lead to better decisions”


The basis of the doctor’s medical philosophy can be found in Dr. Yuriy’s Ten Tips To Keep You Out of the Doctor’s Office and the ER, which focus on taking a proactive approach in your health management, something that Dr. Ilkovych is ready and willing to help you with.

To learn more about YuraMed, visit or call (215) 305-8206. The office is located at 826 Bustleton Pike, Unit 101A, Feasterville.

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