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Hard Rock Night Four

If you remember the Decade of Decadence…Did you live, breath, and Hard Rock your way through each day? Did your Music Library of Cassettes, Vinyl , CD's, or maybe even a few 8-Tracks, consist of Music that pissed off your parents, pissed off your neighbors, making them wonder what the hell was happening? Were you the inspired youth that knew your friends were coming, when hearing an Almighty Power Cord from 3 blocks away, ascending as a full blown concert when halting in front of your house? DID YOU, DO YOU, and WILL YOU ALWAYS……….LIKE TO ROCK?? If so, SCCPANJ Productions along with Ricterscale Sound wish to personally invite you to “Hard Rock Night IV”. Rippin it up and taking no prisoners will be two of the areas hardest hitters. “Old School” will once again be coming to the burbs to lay down the power cords, and smack you in the face the way you like it. After a short break, to let you catch your breath, our hometown boys “The Defiance” will continue the assault with their blistering sets that cover Priest to Maiden and all that other good shit in between. Their covers are not the same ole same ole. They are not the tracks that have been worn out on the radio for the past 35 years. Their renditions are those that you true 80's Metal Heads will remember. When they rock “Priest” they rock “Beyond the Realms of Death” or the likes of “Victim of Changes” NOT “You've Got Another Thing Comin”, AC/DC's “If you want Blood”, Sabbath's “Lady Evil” or “Heaven n Hell”, Dio, Purple, MSG, some of Maidens Finest Vintage and more.. We welcome all the Hard Rockers, the most dedicated music fans ever. Once a fan always a fan. “If it's too loud you're too old”…. CRANK THAT SHIT UP!!! NO COVER NO COVER NO COVER Starts at 7pm ~ Make sure to arrive early and grab a bite off the Rebel's menu. The bartenders will quench your thirst as the RocknReble's staff work their asses off for you. Thanks to Rob, Roe, and the entire staff at the Rebel for their hospitality. BE READY TO ROCK

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