With the coronavirus pandemic closing gyms throughout the area, you might be missing your regular exercise routine. Or if you weren't already a regular gym goer, you might be looking at this as an opportunity to make some healthy lifestyle changes. After all, physical activity is known to improve people's mood and reduce stress and anxiety. And we could all use that now more than ever!

We checked in with Patty Witt, Owner of Witt Pilates to see if she could offer some tips on how to safely exercise at home.

Do a Quick Circuit

If you're used to working out outside of your home, you might not own any equipment. But that's okay! You can do this workout without any equipment at all and very little space.

  1. Planks are an exercise that work multiple muscle groups – both small and large. Start with a 30 second plank and add 10 seconds every day as tolerated.
  2. Squats are great for legs and glutes. Start with 30 squats per day. Add 10 each day until you reach 100. (Then do 100 every day.)
  3. Work your abs with a roll-up or crunch. As with squats, start at 30 and work up to 100 each day.

Get Outside

Just like exercise, studies show that spending time outside reduces stress and anxiety. So getting active in the fresh air is a double whammy. Go running, take a walk, bike, or do the above circuit in your backyard.

Plus, fresh air and sunshine build the immune system. In fact, it's what the medical profession relied on prior to the invention of antibiotics! While COVID-19 is a virus and not a bacterial infection, it can't hurt to have our immune system in tiptop shape.

For more on getting outside in Bucks County during this time, click here.

Do an Online Exercise

Working out at home can't replace the in-studio instruction and support from Patty's Team, but in the mean time, they're offering virtual classes. Click here to request to join the private Facebook group or email Patty at [email protected] These classes are being offered at no charge. They're just asking that you consider making a donation to Interfaith Food Alliance. You can also visit the Witt Pilates Facebook page and click on the Videos tab for even more workouts that you can do from home.

And lastly … make sure you drink water!

About Witt Pilates

Witt Pilates is our 2020 Happening List Winner for Pilates and Spin.

Watch this video to learn more about the Witt Pilates community and what makes it so special:

And watch this video about the types of classes offered:

Witt Pilates is located at 10 Penn Valley Drive, Yardley.
To find out more, call (267) 391-9200 or visit wittpilates.com for more information.

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