Oh Mamma! Restaurant Impossible Comes to Bucks

Chef Irvine of Food Network's Restaurant Impossible at Belle Basket in Warminster

It’s been quite the week for foodies in Bucks County! At around 2:30pm on Friday, June 24th, Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible (and also Dinner Impossible) surprised visitors at Warminster’s favorite Italian specialty shops, Belle Basket & Altomonte’s Deli.

Chef Irvine & camera crews have been in town all week filming an upcoming episode of Restaurant Impossible at Mamma D’s Italian Restaurant in Pipersville, PA. In fact, at the event Chef Irvine teased Mamma D’s owners, Chef Louie Desiato & Elizabeth Desiato, who had yet to see their new & improved restaurant after it’s $10,000 makeover. 

While Mamma D’s & the Restaurant Impossible crew were just hours away from the big reveal & re-launch dinner, this event was their chance to let locals sample the new menu & get a sense of the community’s reactions.

Chef Irvine doing what he is famous for- taking control!

Guests kicked off the event by sampling several varieties of Desiato’s homemade wines, which are regularly available on location at Belle Basket, a local retailer who specializes in Italian specialty gift baskets. Then it was time for the big test- the food! Guests were treated to a unique dish of Branzino, Pasta Fagioli, & Polenta. Food Network film crews were on hand to get the crowds reaction, which appeared to be overwhelmingly positive!

Guests sampled a new dish on Mamma D's menu- Branzino, polenta, & pasta fagioli

Congrats to Mamma D’s, Belle Basket, & Altomonte’s Deli on throwing such a delicious event. We can’t wait to see the new restaurant!

The Desiato's own the only combined restaurant & vineyard in PA

Fresh Mozzarella provided by Altomonte's Deli


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