Breakfast is Always Sunny-Side Up at Fred’s

A few simple rules make up the recipe for the perfect breakfast spot, Fred’s Breakfast in New Hope, PA.  The only problem is, there is a waiting list to get in. Instead of setting up like an average diner, Fred’s offers a $10 per year membership, which includes an exclusive key to the restaurant, unlimited daily coffee, and access to fresh breakfast on the river 7 days a week from 6 until 11 am.

With a few quirky rules like:

#2. If my wife should happen to mention that she thinks you are cute, I will shut your key off.


#4. Fred Williamson has been my friend forever, so you have to put up with him. It’s not that difficult after you get used to it.

…the club certainly sounds like an entertaining place to enjoy your morning cup of Joe among a few good friends.  Rule #17  even offers members to “be comfortable and stay as long as (they) wish,” inviting them to enjoy the perks of free coffee as long as there isn’t another member waiting for a seat (reminding everyone that the business does occasionally need to deposit money into their bank account).

Fred’s Breakfast accepts as many members as it takes to keep their 30 to 31 seats full at all times  so submit an application today to get on the waiting list. Just don’t forget to invite us when you get in!

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