Grow Business Leads at a Bucks LeTip Chapter

Growing a small business can be challenging especially if you don’t have the manpower or financial resources to expand your reach or generate sales. But what if you had a network of like-minded business professionals who were continually generating interest in your company and providing you with business leads? For members of local LeTip International chapters, weekly sales tips and new customer referrals are part of the regular life of the group.

LeTip International is the world’s largest, privately owned, professional business leads organization with chapters all over the United States and Canada. Organized in 1978, over 120,000 members have grown their businesses through participation in LeTip programs in local chapters. Chapters meet weekly to build relationships among the group’s membership and exchange qualified leads. Business categories are set up within each chapter and only one member may fill the slot within any particular category. Therefore, members are not competing for business within the group. Instead, members are encouraged to provide weekly “tips” for fellow members in the form of solid client leads.

Additionally, members learn to network effectively and develop their presentation and leadership skills. Members get to know each other and their businesses, give presentations during weekly meetings and work diligently to meet their monthly “tipping” quotas. Members are expected to provide an average of 4 tips per month and to be committed to attendance at the weekly meetings. Additionally, they are encouraged to participate in other area chamber and networking groups as a means of extending reach and being involved in the community.

Bucks County is fortunate to have a number of LeTip chapters located throughout the area. In addition to chapters covering Lower Bucks, Central Bucks and BucksMont regions, several towns have local chapters as well. To locate a chapter and see if there are membership openings in your business category visit the LeTip International website and search their chapter map, located here.


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