Your Guide to Bucks County Facebook Groups

by Caitlyn Walsh

We live in an age of social media and new technological advances occur each year! It is an incredible thing and trickles down in the smallest ways. Newspapers and flyers are not the only way to bring a town together in the year 2017! There is a wide variety of local Facebook groups for towns all over the country, and tons of them for Bucks County, PA. At this point, most of us probably belong to 1 or 20 online yard sale groups (what a fantastic idea that was!). But did you know that the town you live in might have one or several different specialized Facebook groups that allow you to stay connected to what is going on in your town, ask for recommendations on local businesses, and connect with likeminded individuals? We have compiled a list of local groups on Facebook, separated into different categories, to help you connect with your neighbors!

Keep in mind that most of these groups are closed, which means you will have to request to join them. Several of them prefer that you live or work in the town. There are rules to be followed in each group, and the majority of these do not allow any sales posts, unless otherwise specified. Be sure to read and respect the rules of your town’s group, and enjoy!

Town Camaraderie Groups

Bristol Borough: Neighbors Helping Neighbors
4.7k members 10+ posts per day

This group is a community bulletin board for the well being of our friends, neighbors, and fellow business owners. Please feel free to post any good deeds you have done, or better yet, any good deeds that you’ve seen others do. Also, feel free to post any events that are free for all of us to enjoy or any fundraiser for a non-profit cause (cancer walks, blood drives, church bake sale, etc.) please no commercial “we have a good deal” this is all about grassroots initiatives to help us have a better community.

Chalfont, PA Community Group
3.6k members 4 posts per day

This group is for people who live in Chalfont, PA or surrounding areas and it is not affiliated with or run by Chalfont Borough government or administration. The group’s mission is to bring members together, encourage positive social interaction and inform the community about local events and other things happening in the area.

13k members, 10+ posts per day

The group is for people who live in Doylestown or a nearby town, or work in a business based in Doylestown or a nearby town. This group wishes to promote positive conversations, connecting neighbors and inspiring locals to help each other. As is standard, this group also encourages asking for recommendations and advertising local businesses and organizations.

Doylestown Events & Happenings
1.4k members, 4 posts per day

This is a page to share your events for the Doylestown area: gatherings, parties, classes, exhibits, concerts, art shows, food trucks and community events, etc.!

What’s up in Falls Township
8.6k members, 10+ posts per day

This is a group for Falls Township residents or immediate surrounding areas. Members are encouraged to post about local festivals and events, bands playing at local bars/restaurants, lost or found animals, school events, garage sales, and when seeking recommendations for services from local businesses! Members also use this space to connect and ask questions about opinions or experiences other residents of Falls Township have had. This page gets lots of traffic and always has a local neighbor posting something of interest about the Falls Township community!

New Hope & Lambertville Community
4.5k members 10+ posts per day

A bridge connects these two small cities. For this reason, this group is ideal for events, business promotions and specials that affect both towns. Members use this space to post about local events, ask for recommendations, advertise local businesses and their sales, and promote charity events, share job postings, and other various neighborly insights.

Community of New Hope, PA
3.4k members 10+ posts per day

This group is for the New Hope community to connect and keep up to date it what is happening in their town, and so than individuals may discuss a common interest. The group has designated specific days that certain posts are allowed. For example, weekend events will be posted on Fridays, non-profit organizations may post on Tuesdays, and local businesses may advertise their services and events on Wednesdays! Each category has a fun hashtag that allows the members to keep better track of the happenings in their community!

1.5k members 4 posts per day

Your go to page to connect with your neighbors in Perkasie. This page provides a space to promote local businesses, events, ideas, charity events, sales, and job postings and to ask questions about all things Perkasie!

Quakertown Community Outreach
3.3k members 10+ posts per day

This is group created by concerned citizens whose mission is to provide available services, resources, and support for the Quakertown area’s homeless and at risk individuals. This is not a political or religious forum and they do not advocate or welcome political, religious, or business agendas, or discussions.

Quakertown Neighborhood Association
4.7k members 10+ posts per day

This group is a place to discuss the beautification and unification of Quakertown residents and its surrounding communities. Members frequently post requesting recommendations, job listings, local events, and information on local news!

Bristol Borough: Raising the Bar
4.5k members 10+ posts a day

This space was created for and devoted to allowing private citizens to engage in positive dialogue about Bristol’s future, ideas, suggestions, event announcements, business openings, etc. It can serve as a convenient way for people with similar goals, to pursue the continued improvement of Bristol and its image.

Citizens For the Revitalization of Lansdale
2.1k members 10+ posts a day

This is a place to share ideas to make the town better for both residents and business owners. This group wishes to keep the conversations focused on helping businesses thrive and keep the council informed of how the voters feel.

Upper Black Eddy Community. Bucks County PA 18972
532 members

This group was created with the goal of improving the Black Eddy community. Come help our fellow neighbors and businesses. Be courteous and let’s make our place a better one. A tasteful sense of humor, jokes, recipes, and creativity are welcome. Let’s care about each other.

Groups for Parents of Bucks County

Mommies of Bucks County
8.8k members 10+ posts per day

This is an inclusive and supportive group for mothers all over Bucks County. It is a place for moms in the area to share helpful tips and advice. They may also offer up gently used baby items (for free or for sale) or inquire and see if anyone has a used item they would like to part with.

Mommies of Quakertown
94 members

This is a group for mothers to connect with other local moms, arrange play dates, ask advice, and help others who may have questions! The group encourages nothing but open, honest and positive conversations about everything related to being a mother!

Newtown PA Mommies
608 members 4 posts per day

An open place for moms to connect, ask questions, share advice, offer free items, arrange play dates and events, and ask for recommendations!

Doylestown Moms
647 members 5 posts per day

This is a closed group meant for Moms in Doylestown, PA. This group is a “virtual village” to find out information in town. This site is designed for members to ask questions, get referrals, and obtain information from other members.

Mommies of Perkasie
213 members

Join this private group for mommies of Perkasie where members are free to ask questions, post pictures, and meet other moms in a free, nonjudgmental, and positive environment!

Business Groups

Philadelphia Region Market Insights by Happenings Media
800+ members, occasional posts

Market Insights by Happenings Media – Philadelphia Region is a group established for local marketing experts to share information with the local business community – successes in the market, trends and best practices in marketing and digital. Basically nuggets of knowledge to make it easier for local businesses to exceed their marketing goals.

Bucks County Business & Social Network
2.4k members 10+ posts per day

Mission statement: At Bucks County Business and Social network you can connect to others in your very own community. It is an excellent resource for social events, business connections and friendly conversations… without pages worth of rules. This group inspires nothing but kindness and kinship among local businesses.

Bucks County PA Local Small Businesses
1.6k members 10+ posts per day

This is a networking group for small businesses in the Bucks County, PA area. Members are encouraged to play an active role in providing information, whether good or bad, about experiences they have had with local businesses. Business advertisements and events are allowed, but the group is primarily for the consumer to give valuable insight about local businesses.

Bucks County Business & Vender Network
4 posts per day 248 members

This is a group for local businesses to help connect with each other, get support, and help grow their businesses together! All local businesses are welcome. If you are looking for ways to grow your Facebook reach or to partner up with other businesses to help each other grow then this is the group for you. If you are just looking for feedback or ideas you may join this group, invite your local business friends! All are welcome.

Local Small Businesses (Upper Bucks County)
419 members, 2 posts per day

This is a group to support the local small businesses of Upper Bucks County. The aim of this group is create an interactive place to promote, refer, and educate members about the different types of work and businesses each individual operates. Wishing to connect consumer and provider, reviews, news articles, and the promotion of business events are encouraged!

Bucks County Pet Owner Groups

BuxMont Lost & Found Pets
4.5k members 10+ posts per day

A place to post pictures and information regarding animals found or lost in the Bucks County and Montgomery County areas. This group is created in loving memory of the administrator’s dog Maggie May who got out of the yard in 2012 and was hit by a car. This group hopes to reunite pets and pet owners all throughout the counties and prevent tragedies like that, which befell Maggie May, by creating a large community for people communicate.

Lost & Found Pets in Lower Bucks County
3.1k members and 6 posts per day

This group is a place for members to post pictures and information regarding animals found or lost in Lower Bucks County.

Pet Rehoming of Bucks County area PA
3.2k members, 10+ posts per day

This is a group hopes to keep pets out of the shelters by encouraging owners to post pictures in order to rehome their pets that they can no longer care for. Pet breeding is not allowed.

Bucks County Hobby Groups

Central Bucks County, PA Moms Run this Town
160 members 5 posts per day

This is not just a running club, but also a community of women where nothing but support, encouragement, and motivation is given. Everyone belongs in this group, whether you are a walker or runner, experienced, or brand new to running! You can be a mom to humans, or pets as long as you would like to be surrounded by like-minded women who have a passion for staying healthy. Members are encouraged to connect with local runners and walkers to find a running buddy.

Bucks County Adult Volleyball
281 members

This volleyball group is for players interested in playing in the Central Bucks County vicinity. We offer indoor and outdoor options throughout the week. Our goal is to establish BB level and above type of play for all venues posted. The culture of the group is to play hard, have fun, and leave egos at the parking lot and to work well with others. It is a friendly and inclusive group.

Perkasie Rocks
554 members

This is a group that is part of a much larger community of rock painters! Rock painting is a relatively new and fun idea connecting communities nationwide. Individuals paint rocks however they like (although political statements are discouraged) and write the Facebook symbol connected to their town (in this case “Perkasie Rocks) on the back. This way, whoever finds it will be able to know where it came from, and may even “file” it under a specified PDF file that can be found on their Facebook page! Once a rock has been found, you may keep it, but you are encouraged to either place it somewhere else, or replace it with a newly painted rock of your own. This page promotes rock-painting events and connects strangers all over Perkasie through this fun game of lost and found. Scrolling through the page you will find picture after picture of people with their found treasures. Who knew rocks could spread so much joy?

Quakertown Rocks!
525 members 4 posts per week

Another rock painting group! If you didn’t read the above description regarding Perkasie’s group, here’s how it works: you paint and hide these rocks all over Quakertown in safe, easily accessible places. They can be pictures or have inspirational quotes. Whatever you prefer. On the back with a sharpie or paint pen, write “join/follow Quakertown Rocks on Facebook” or use the hashtag #quakertownrocks. When you find one you post it to this page. You can keep it, leave it for someone else to find, or re-hide it somewhere else. Just be sure to post a picture!

Miscellaneous Bucks County Groups

Bucks County Recycle It (BCRI) FREE FREE
8.8k members 10+ posts per day

One of the best ways you can help recycle is to give things away! This group is all about sharing free items, and free information! Join if you’re interested in recycling the items you no longer need or finding something new that another member is offering.

Bucks County Sisterhood
997 members

Bucks County Sisterhood is a community of women who live in or have deep ties with Bucks County. Their purpose is to create a positive place for the sisterhood to come together for conversations and friendship. This group belongs to each member and as a group they decide how it grows and changes moving forward. From day one the only thing they ask is that you treat your sisters, as you would like to be treated. This group welcomes any new comer with open arms!

Bucks County Yard Sale
52K members

Bucks County Online Yardsale helps connects locals score amazing deals 24/7. All postings must include a photo, description, price, and location. No pet sales allowed.

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