What started as a hobby to help improve Hunter Rodriguez’s concentration and discipline skills quickly revealed a natural gift in martial arts.

Hunter is a seventh grade student at Reach Cyber Charter Academy making a splash in the martial arts world with a resume full of local, national, and international awards and accomplishments.

With his rigorous training and traveling schedule (he is setting his sights on a future Olympic games), Levittown-based Hunter and his family decided to attend Reach Cyber Charter school so that he can maintain his studies while accommodating his passion.  He began as a Reach student this fall and is flourishing (at the top of his class, of course!) with the flexible, online learning curriculum.

Meet #HappeningKid, Hunter Rodriguez:

Bucks Happening: What do you enjoy most about karate?

Hunter: The thing I like most about karate is competing.  While at a tournament, to do my best, I have to be super focused, have self discipline, respect of others and most of all have confidence.  All these skills and more, I learned during my last 8 years in karate.  I like traveling all over the country competing and making new friends.

Bucks Happening: Who do you look up to?

Hunter: I look up to everyone that tries, gives their best and doesn’t give up.  Two of my idols are  WKF World Champion Rika Usami (Japan) and 2X WKF World Champion Antioni Diaz (Venezuela).  I actually had the pleasure of working privately with Antionio Diaz this year, soaking up every ounce of information I could.  I am also looking forward to working with other international karate greats this year.

Bucks Happening: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome during your training?

Hunter: A couple of my biggest challenges I have had to overcome during my training were  not being able to  spend much time with my friends, doing kid things and dealing with injuries.  I am sacrificing my free time, to train, so I can reach my ultimate goal of becoming a WKF World Champion or even on the USA Olympic karate team.  I have pushed through broken fingers, wrist, shoulder, big toe and sliced open my ankle, all during karate but never once thought of quitting.

Bucks Happening: Where’s your favorite place to spend time with friends and family in Bucks County?

Hunter: Some of my favorite places to spend time with friends and family are Core Creek park, Build the Kingdom at Kids Castle, Falls Township park, bowling and roller skating.

Bucks Happening: What’s your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is math.  REACH Cyber Charter School has given me the flexible schedule I need to train at home, travel (1 1/2 hours each way)  to train 4 hours 4 days a week as well as take my work with me across the country while at tournaments.  I enjoy the curriculum and the teachers are always there to help.  The live lessons are a great way to keep in touch.  I thank REACH Cyber Charter School for allowing me to take my karate to the next level.

Bucks Happening: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hunter: When I grow up I want to be a mechanical engineer and be a member of the United States, Karate Olympic team.  Most of all I want to inspire younger kids to work hard in everything they do and follow their dreams.

Bucks Happening: Congratulations on accomplishing so much at such a young age. We look forward to following Hunter’s promising Karate career!

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