Happening Kid: Ruby Lazaro brought to you by the NAC

It’s no wonder that this month’s Happening Kid is named Ruby, as she shines extra bright while tumbling through her busy schedule.  Our staff was impressed when they heard about Newtown’s Ruby Lazaro ambitious schedule, but when they found out she was only five years old they were truly floored! We got the chance to ask Ruby a few questions about her life as a Happening Kid:

BH: We hear that you participate in a variety of activities at the Newtown Athletic Club. Which are your favorites?

Ruby: I love to do gymnastics, hip hop dance, zumbatomics, soccer. and I also just joined the NAC Attack swim team. I also love to go rock climbing with my Daddy and bike riding with my Mommy for fun.

BH: Wow! You certainly keep a busy schedule. What has been your favorite experiences so far?

Ruby: In February, I was named the Gymnast of the Month at the NAC, and I also rode and kissed a dolphin when I was still four years old!

BH: That much have been so exciting! Aside for your busy schedule activities, what is your favorite subject at school?

Ruby: I love science becuase I like to do experiments and find out how things work.

BH: For such an accomplish kid, you must have some amazing adults to look up to! Who are your biggest inspirations?

Ruby: My mom, dad and sister- they all love and encourage me in everything I do.

BH: A very special kid with a very special family- makes sense! Last of all, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Ruby: There are so many choices I am not sure yet, but maybe a Doctor or Dentist or a Rock and Roll Star.

BH: We have no doubt that with your ambition, you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to. Congrats, Ruby!


This month’s Bucks County Happening Kid was brought to you by the Newtown Athletic Club. In addition to a state of the art wellness facility, the NAC offers a variety of popular youth programs include Dance, Aquatics, Tae Kwon Do, Camps, Gymnastics, KidFit, & Bucks County birthday parties.


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