Happy 60th Anniversary Levittown!

On Saturday June 23rd, 2012 & Sunday June 24th, 2012, visitor gathered to enjoy 2 days of Food, Family Fun, Live Music and explore Levittown Exhibits that make history fun. The Events will be covered by a BBC film crew as part of a year-long focus on Levittown, PA and is put together by the Friends of Bolton Mansion and the Levittown history website.

About The Oral History Project:

“Levittowners” will discuss the stories of those who bought these homes brand new in the 1950’s, will tell their stories. Historians will be on hand to document their oral histories using Smithsonian guidelines. “Original Levittown residents represent a wealth of history that has not been well documented,” James Snow, Bolton Mansion’s Director points out. Since Levittown is made up of multiple townships, there was no designated group responsible for tracking the history of the place.



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