Historical Society of Bensalem Township awarded Donation and Tells History to Businesses

Live local, buy local, support local is the motto of business communities across the United States. The Bensalem Business Association steps up in support of local history. The Historical Society of Bensalem Township, a non-profit founded in 1977 with an objective to publish a written history, was recipient of a donation from the Bensalem Business Association at its monthly meeting in November. Bensalem Business Association, BBA, is a networking group of businesses who work together to promote and support businesses in Bensalem and surrounding communities.

“Helping any way we can to support The Historical Society of Bensalem Township is a privilege.” says Dave Rubin of BBA.

The leaders of The Historical Society of Bensalem Township were present to receive a donation check from Bensalem Business Association. Over 40 member businesses raised money through Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends program donating a check for $875 to the Historical Society . Sally Sondesky, Kathy Leighton, and Marguerite Satterfield of The Historical Society of Bensalem Township accepted the check presented by BBA president, Dave Rubin, and Board. The team of Bensalem historians offered fascinating historical tidbits from as far back as the 1600’s of things most business owners, managers, and representatives did not know. The Historical Society of Bensalem Township was named an Honorary Member to the Bensalem Business Association as part of the meeting. With 65,000 people calling Bensalem home, B2B relationships are front and center.

Bensalem Business Association is a business networking group whose mission is to promote and support Bensalem businesses and their surrounding community. To become a member of the Bensalem Business Association you can attend the next scheduled meeting and complete a membership form.

For more information contact Dave Rubin, Bensalem Business Association, P.O. Box 1233, Bensalem, PA 19020 . Phone 215.486.2750 or email [email protected]

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