You're going to remember the way you looked and felt on your Wedding Day forever.

If you’re getting married, you likely have a To-Do List that includes the typical tasks of picking a venue, wedding dress, invitations and photographer. But what about your personal To-Dos that will have you looking your very best on your wedding day? Now’s the time to start a beauty regimen for flawless skin and hair on your big day. The experts at Zanya Spa Salon in Lambertville are here to help. Luckily, this checklist is a lot more fun than deciding seating arrangements. And it’s also the perfect excuse to de-stress and focus on yourself during a time that’s incredibly exciting, but also undeniably stressful.

For the best results, start your pre-wedding routine 9-12 months before the wedding. To make things as easy as possible, your Zanya Bridal Stylist can come up with a program that’s customized to your needs and fits your life. (Because you don’t need one more thing to plan, right?)

Here are some suggested services from Zanya, along with a few extra tips to get that Beautiful Happy Bride Glow.


About 9-12 months before your wedding day, have a thorough consultation with an esthetician to determine your skincare goals. This is where you tell her your concerns, and she'll help develop a plan for your beauty routine.

For the best results, you’ll want to get a facial monthly. Zanya offers a variety of facials, including vitamin therapy, deep pore cleansing, and more. But if you haven’t heard about or experienced the magic of Biologique Recherche, you NEED to learn more about it. (Click here to read our article about this elite brand.)

Practice a quality at-home skincare routine to support the facial services. (Let the experts at Zanya give you suggestions based on your skin type and needs.)

Cut out the wine and get juicing. If you love to enjoy the occasional drink, you don't need to skip alcohol completely. This is a time of celebration, after all! But because alcohol is so dehydrating, it can wreak havoc on your skin if you overdo it. Be sure to load up on H2O and nutrient-packed green juices leading up to your big day.

The day before the wedding, stop in for Zanya’s Oxygen Therapy facial. This skin quenching treatment gives instant results. Expression lines appear smoother, firmer and visibly reduced, eye contour is more defined, lips look plumped, complexion is radiant and fresh, and skin is primed for the perfect makeup application.

Insider Tip:

Amanda from Zanya says that if you're going to only have ONE treatment done before your wedding, go with the Oxygen Therapy Facial. 

This facial utilizes Hyperbaric Oxygen to enhance the delivery of serums packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. It visibly plumps and hydrates the skin to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ultimately, skin that is so perfectly nourished, lifted and toned creates the perfect canvas for makeup. 

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When you have your skincare consultation, you’ll also want to meet with your colorist and stylist. Great wedding hair is more than just how your hair is styled that day. You’ll discuss the length of your hair, your wedding season and what color and cut will best enhance your wedding day look.

Schedule consistent haircuts and color services based on your technician's recommendations.

Practice quality at-home hair care to keep hair in great condition. Now’s the time to find your perfect shampoo and conditioner and get that silk pillowcase.

Note: Your wedding day hair services should be reserved 9-12 months in advance.  Zanya recommends receiving your trial services 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. Reserve your trial date 3-6 months in advance.


For hydration and glow, Zanya suggest a body scrub a couple of days before the wedding. If you have more persistent concerns, back acne, hyper-pigmentation on the decollete etc, you should allow for more time. A series of 6 treatments determined by your esthetician, over the course of 6-12 weeks, will give you the results you need.

Stick to healthy eating habits. Crash diets just set you up for trouble later on. (And who wants to deal with a Hangry Bride, anyway?!) Instead of drastically cutting calories or following the latest trend, just try sticking to these basics whenever possible: Choose nutrient-rich foods. Avoid sugar, salt and processed foods.

Exercise regularly! It’ll help you feel your best for your wedding, it’s a natural stress reliever and improves sleep. Workouts that tone your upper body are perfect for backless and strapless dresses.

When it comes to wedding-ready hair and makeup and flawless skin, Zanya Spa Salon has everything you need to feel completely confident and beautiful on your special day. Let Zanya’s certified Bridal Stylists give you the exceptional service you deserve.

Zanya Spa Salon is located at 287 South Main Street in Lambertville. To find out more or schedule your Bridal Consultation, call (609) 773-0770 or visit


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