As Owner of Witt Pilates in Yardley, Patty Witt has made a name for herself in the fitness world. Patty’s success, in large part, is due to her passion – both for Pilates and for the community she has created. Now, Patty is inviting others to find out what owning a profitable boutique style Pilates studio is all about by opening franchise locations.

Patty’s Story and the Witt Pilates Community:

Patty Witt opened Pilates Bodies Fitness in 2013. As part of her franchise prep, she underwent re-branding that included changing the studio’s name to Witt Pilates in 2017. This was the first step towards her impressive growth in the Pilates world. Today, the studio has grown to 3,300 square feet and offers more than 100 classes each week. Classes are held 365 days a year, and there’s truly something for everyone, regardless of their level of experience.

Witt Pilates offers a diverse line-up of fitness and cardio classes including Reformer, Tower, Barre, Circuit, Spin, Chair and traditional Mat classes. But the Studio is even more than that. It’s a place to form friendships, build your confidence, and actually ENJOY getting fit.

Patty Witt's Philosophy:

“I invite you to share in this magical studio where friendships are easily formed, workouts are like no other and you will enjoy getting physically fit. If you’re having fun, you are more likely to keep it up … and being in good shape is so important for good physical and mental health.”

An Invitation and Exciting Opportunity:

Do you love Pilates and have a passion to succeed? Do you want to empower others while fulfilling your own dreams?

Patty Witt is ready to share her support and expertise in the opening of franchise locations. Boutique style fitness studios are HOT right now, and you could get in on the latest franchising trend! Patty Witt and her staff will personally work with you and assist you in creating a successful business.

Patty has already figured out what goes into having a profitable business, while maintaining the integrity of the Pilates discipline. Witt Pilates is a community, a small boutique setting that is inclusive and supportive. Patty and her team will train and teach franchise owners how to achieve this in their locations. Plus, they'll set you up with the tools you need to be a part of the Witt Pilates Success Story.

“I just can't explain what it is like to stop living for the weekends and the special events.  I love living every day.” – Patty Witt, Owner of Witt Pilates

If you're interested in opening a Witt Pilates franchise, simply contact Patty
at (267) 391-9200. She will set up a meeting to discuss your goals, answer your questions & explain to you how the Witt Pilates Team can help you open your own business.

Witt Pilates is located at 10 Penn Valley Drive, Yardley.
To find out more, call (267) 391-9200 or visit for more information.


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