King of Tarts Filling Bucks County Bellies & Hearts

While the aroma of fresh-baked goods can lure new customers into a bakery, it’s the robust flavors and warm spirit of that bakery that keep them coming back time and time again. When Paul and Donna Eisemann opened the doors to King of Tarts Bakery in Warwick six months ago, they set out to create a truly unique experience where customers could enjoy their artisan baked goods.

That goal was one of the reasons that the Eisemann’s chose the location for King of Tarts- a historical building in Warwick just doors away from the Moland House. The building was actually home to the historical 13 day Neshaminy encampment of George Washington and 13,000 troops of the Continental Army.  The Eisemann’s Family spent 11 months converting the barn to a state-of-the-art bakery while carefully maintaining the integrity of the historic building.This location, rich in history, provides the perfect backdrop to the King’s many rich confections.

When it comes to recognizing and learning from the past, the Eisemanns are experts. Paul began baking on his 16th birthday and continued honing his craft through a rigorous four year apprenticeship under the strict guidance of a 70 year old German Master Baker. Paul’s passion for the craft led him through various bakeries in the Philadelphia region where he absorbed as much information as possible, often sacrificing higher paying jobs for the chance to acquire baking secrets and recipes from the best.

Through the demands of Paul’s budding baking career, his wife, Donna, was a key ingredient in his perseverance, often joining him to rise at 2:00 A.M. to start the workday. After many years of hard work, the icing on top of the cake would be launching a baking business together.

And so they did. In the 1980’s, the Eisemann’s opened their first bakery in Warminster, PA called Homestead Bakery, which expanded into a booming business with 2 more locations. However, the demands of running a the business were difficult to maintain while raising 3 children and after twelve long years, the Eisemann’s decided to leave their bakery business.

Now 13 years later, with 3 grown children, the Eisemanns are back to revive the long forgotten art of the authentic European baker, to always provide a variety of fresh baked pasties, cakes, cookies, donuts and bread. After a lifetime spent perfecting the art of baking and many months spent crafting the ideal shop, the Eisemann’s invite locals to stay for a few minutes to escape into their tasty enchanted world.

This Bucks County Bakery is located in the Eisemann’s hometown at the historical crossroads of Bristol and Old York Roads, in the village of Hartsville Pennsylvania. Check out a few of  King of Tarts specialty cakes below and see more birthday cakes, wedding cakes, 3-dimensional cakes, and treats.












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