Take Flight at the Lambertville Station Wine Bar

The wine bar at the Lambertville Station

When you live in a beautiful destination like Bucks County, everyone wants to visit! This summer, my house is a revolving door of enthusiastic visitors. More so, many are repeat visitors who just can’t get enough of Bucks. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love sharing my passion for my hometown with friends and family.  However, it can present a challenge as a host. Where can I bring everyone for a new & unique experience when they keep coming back?

A couple weeks back, I found myself in this predicament.  Our group wanted to do something fun & unique, but low-key on a Saturday night.  After much discussion, we decided to cross over to Lambertville, NJ for dinner at the Lambertville Station.  “We’ll figure it out after we have full bellies,” was the consensus.   Already after 9pm, the Lambertville Station was one of the few local restaurants still seating.

Scotch Flights at Lambertville Station

Dinner was fantastic. One of my visitors actually proclaimed he had just tasted, “The best seafood chowder he had ever had.”  The food, though enjoyable, was actually not the star of the evening.  It was our waitress, Donna, who went above and beyond.  After fantastic service throughout dinner, she recommended we finish our drinks downstairs in the Wine Bar. Intrigued, we accepted.

Within minutes of taking our seats in the eclectic cellar, we realized there would be no need to find another destination; we had hit the jackpot.

With chandeliers crafted out of wine glasses; stone archways leading to cozy alcoves; endless walls of wine bottles; and a roaring fireplace, the Lambertville Station’s wine bar had that unique but relaxed vibe we had been seeking.  The drink list (or should I save book!?) is massive. Sprinkled in among the choices were several local options- River Horse beer, Sandcastle Winery’s blush, and Unionville’s port wine.   I loved how there were extensive options for both the budget-conscious and the splurging patron.

One of my favorite things about the menu were the wine, scotch, and port flights offered.  A flight is a special grouping of drinks that allows you to sample & compare varieties of beverages side by side. Beyond providing the opportunity to sample a variety of choices, a flight also provides the perfect conversation piece.  Our group opted for a couple of the Scotch flights, which were served in an o-so-cool carved oak plank. Wine flights (including 3 tastings) range from a $9 “Backpacking in Italy” to the “Big, Bold Cabernet Sauvignon” for $19. I experimented with an after-dinner drink, the Trentadue Chocolate Amore- a Merlot-based, port styled chocolate flavored dessert wine. It was refreshing to sample some drinks beyond my normal stand-by Pinots.

Though we had not sought it out, the Wine Bar at the Lambertville Station was a major hit. We’ll definitely be back.

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