Living with Littles, presented by The Dance Academy: Here comes the Flower Girl

by Nicole Loughan


There is nothing more cute and exhausting than having a child in a wedding. It’s fun to dress up little girls and boys like big people and see what they are going to do when it’s time to perform for the crowd, spreading flower petals or carrying rings. My two cuties were just in my sister’s wedding and they had a blast. They did the typical kid things that make the day memorable. My flower girl walked too far down the aisle with the flowers, forgot where to go at the end then made a run for it. My son was supposed to walk with a co-ringbearer but halfway down decided to break away and win the race to the altar.

It was great fun, but during the lead up there were a few things I just didn’t know. Read on to see what I found out when it was time to walk down the aisle with littles.

Kid friendly vs. Kid Unfriendly – Surprisingly, I and most other parents I talk to are just fine with the child free wedding invite. Just be careful about the wording on the invite, adult friendly vs. kid unfriendly. I want kid-less newlyweds to be aware that if a wedding and reception lasts five hours, parents are likely shelling out $20 bucks an hour for childcare and you are likely only going to get close friends and relatives with a kid free option. Though, a week after going to my sister’s wedding, with my kids in tow, I attending a no child wedding held by a childless couple. I happily ordered up the pumpkin ravioli, booked a sitter and headed out for a grown up night, complete with adult beverages and getting funky on the dance floor. Some parent’s even, gasp, like the childless wedding. (Raises Hand) It means we are guaranteed a night of adults-only fun. I have to carefully choose my sitter nights, but if I have a sitter available and the drive is not too far I don’t mind kid free at all.

What to wear for the ladies – Did you know that there is hardly a place to get a flower girl dress in person anymore? The only place that carries these dresses is David’s Bridal and the off boutique here and there. We were told by clerks at the store that most people just order from the internet these days. But with our order to find a 5T ivory girls dress, I didn’t feel comfortable getting a dress sight unseen, plus the quality of online dresses seemed dubious at best. Most companies had more than one type of ivory and I didn’t know which to get. In the end, I went to a children’s boutique, in Peddler’s Village, and got a deal on a very cute Kleinfeld’s Flower Girl Dress. Unfortunately, that store went out of business, but Kleinfeld’s offers them in many other places which can be found by going

What to wear for the little lad Rather than rent a tuxedo for $100 we purchased a suit and bowtie from Kohl’s for $45, and because it was Kohl’s there was a coupon involved, which made it even better. We took them to a local tailor and had it perfectly fitted. The too long pant hem left the fabric so that it could be let out as he ages. That suit is going to be used, with different ties, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, picture day, weddings and funerals for the next year, or two if I’m lucky.

Prepare, prepare, prepare – The wedding my children were in started an hour after bedtime. That could be a complete nightmare. We spent the days leading up to the wedding, staying up a little later to get ready, and the days after getting up earlier to get back in the routine needed for school. The grandmother of the other child in the wedding had a great idea to keep the kids entertained. She grabbed a pack of non-blinking tiny LED lights and balloons and snuck over to the reception hall before the wedding started, to put them at the kid’s table. The lowness of the lights meant that their light wouldn’t be flashed all around the room like a flashlight, but would light up enough for the kids to have fun with them when the lights were off in the hall. They had a great time with them, sitting through speeches and waiting for food.

Share your wedding day fun and tips for how to get through the big day with little kids.

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