Living with Littles Presented by The Dance Academy: Consignment battle

by Nicole Loughan

Shopping can be a contact sport, especially when a friend invites you to a consignment pre-sale event. A good friend won the tickets in a Facebook contest to be among the first to go to the Warminster Consignment Sale Event. It was scheduled in the evening, inside a sports plex, so alongside the woman lined up eagerly waiting to get their hands on some great finds there were soccer players and stored goal nets.

I came with only one mission in mind, I wanted a new kid’s bike. I had a four-year-old still riding a tricycle and he was ready to graduate to training wheels. We could see the merch from where we were lined up through the netting that separated the walkway from the arena. From across the field, I laid my eyes on a red and blue Spiderman bike. It was the best of the bunch.

My friend gave me some tips before we went in. She said, “If you see something you like take it then and sort it out later.” I asked, “Are there ever fights?” and she replied by making that face I make when my dentist asks if I floss on a regular basis, the answer is maybe. The women standing in line were happy making conversation with their own groups, but not reaching out to others, this was a battle, after all, they were about to be competition.

At precisely 7:00 the doors opened and a woman was standing by the door with a clipboard, just like an exclusive club, checking to see if we were on the list. Only instead of dancing and drinks, this place had discounted designer children’s clothes and $1 puzzles.

My friend gave her name, the list checker nodded and we were in.

We went through the gate, stepped onto the AstroTurf and walked past the table filled with wine, cookies, and cheese. There was no time for that. Nobody was stopping for snacks, not when there were discounts to be had. I walked past the pay tables, and car seats to the bikes, there were only about five for sale in the right size. One was the red Spiderman bike, with perfect tires. It looked like it had never been ridden. I reached out to put my hand on it and looked up to see another woman standing over it.

I remembered what my friend said, “take now ask questions later.”

I made eye contact with her and slowly backed away with the bike. She lingered near me for a moment checking to see if I was going to abandon the purchase. I did not. I pulled it away from the bike area and up to the pay table. She slumped back, looking at the much sadder green bike, and black bike. While waiting for a cashier I inspected the bike, turned it over, pretended to ride it, and deemed it worthy. Within a minute of entering the arena, I had my bike parked behind the pay desk with a sold sticker on it.

Leaving the bike I walked through the rest of the arena, seeing discounted strollers, toys, tents, clothes and even dance gear. My friend scooped me on a particularly cute purple leotard, but I couldn’t be glum they were her free tickets anyway and I’d gotten what I came for. I noticed the other moms had stuffed their bags with Hannah Anderson, Mini Boden and even Carter’s. All that was left to pick through was Target and Kohl’s Brands.

From my first experience with a serious consigner I have to say I thought this sale was particularly good for toys, decorations and big-ticket items like bikes and strollers, but for clothes, unless they were high end the sales weren’t much better than what Kohl’s offers on their own.

Overall, it was a great experience and when we had picked everything we wanted, and I had ownership of a $25 bike which had never been used I took a moment to peruse the cheese and cookies.

The moral of the story is always accept free tickets to a consignment event, know what you want and hustle, and grab now, ask questions later.



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