Making it Happen: Williams Family Law Sponsors BARC Developmental Services Formal Dance

Williams Family Law presented a check for $5,000 to BARC Developmental Services for its 2017 Spring Formal. From left, Melissa Moylen, Program Manager of BARC Developmental Services; Candice S., supported individual at BARC Developmental Services; Jeffrey M. Williams, Managing Partner at Williams Family Law; Nicole D., supported individual at BARC Developmental Services and Carrie Wright, Home Manager at BARC Developmental Services.

Bucks County family law firm Williams Family Law, P.C. is sponsoring the 2017 Spring Formal organized by BARC Developmental Services. About 180 people, including supported individuals, family, friends, and sponsors, attended the event on April 8, which took place at Franconia Heritage Restaurant.

Williams Family Law Managing Partner Jeffrey M. Williams presented a check for $5,000 in March to BARC representatives to support the annual event. The sponsorship allowed all of the individuals and staff members to attend at no cost to them.

“BARC does wonderful work for Bucks County families, and all of us here at Williams Family Law were proud to support the Spring Formal,” Williams said.

A nonprofit agency serving Bucks County, BARC offers programs and services to men, women and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities and autism. Its programming includes early intervention programs for children from birth to five years of age; residential services that support adults in various living arrangements; and vocational services which offer training, employment, and income to two production facilities and through the Joint Opportunities for Business and Society (J.O.B.S.) program.

Additionally, BARC offers a seniors program for older adults of retirement age who wish to remain active and a full-day adult daycare program for adults who are not ready for a work production setting. For more information about BARC and its services, visit

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