Making It a Memorable Best Man Speech, presented by Hotel du Village

by April H

Hotel Du Village in New Hope

Hotel Du Village in New Hope

Writing your speech as the best man is only half the battle. The real challenge is actually giving the speech. A flawed delivery can turn a heartfelt speech into a true tragedy. Here’s how to deliver your speech in a memorable way:

Keep It Short

The best man plays an important role in a couple’s union. However, don’t ever forget that you’re only playing a supporting role. The day belongs to the couple. Keep your time in the spotlight limited by keeping your speech short and sweet. If your speech is over five minutes, you’re probably erring on the wrong side of this rule.

When a speech is too long, you’re more likely to mess up or even worse, say something you will later regret. Don’t make the guests glad to see you stand up and give the speech and even happier to see you take your seat.

Speak Clearly

Given the amount of time you put into preparing your speech, you want everyone to actually listen to what you’re saying. If you aren’t speaking clearly you may fall short of this goal. Make certain you are speaking slowly and using good diction. You also want to prepare a speech using your everyday language.

Trying to incorporate new, or impressive, vocabulary could backfire if you’re stumbling with pronunciation. If the guests are having a hard time understanding what you’re saying, they are more apt to drift away. Even though you’re only on stage for a moment, make sure you are commanding the space the entire time.

Gauge the Pulse of the Room

While delivering your speech, keep an eye on the room. Are the guests engaged? If so, you can continue as planned. However, if they aren’t – you need to be prepared to improvise.

You might have your speech all planned out, but if there are children screaming and guests fidgeting in their seats ready to get back onto the dance floor, you may have to skip over some parts or at the very least, tell a funny story to get their attention back. Remember that it’s okay to use your speech merely as an outline if necessary.

Save the Libations for Later

Resist the urge to partake until after you have successfully given your speech. Sure, the couple knows you well, but to many of the guests there, this will be their first introduction to you. Make sure you are making a good impression.

Whether it’s telling an embarrassing story, an inappropriate joke, forgetting what to say or some other mishap, it’s safe to say that things can get complicated when alcohol gets into the mix. Although everyone can handle themselves differently, stay on the safe side and steer clear until you’re finished.

Practice At Home

Practice makes perfect and your speech is no exception to this rule. Ask yourself, would you rather be talked to or read to? Undoubtedly, you would rather be talked to. Being read to is boring. Getting plenty of practice will help you deliver your speech in a more conversational tone, rather than simply standing there and reading cue cards.

Practice at home just like you want to deliver the speech by learning to pause for laughs, looking at the couple when you’re speaking to them and smiling. The more you practice, the more confident and comfortable you will be.

You only get one chance to wish the couple a lifetime of love and happiness. Show just how honored you are to serve as the best man with a speech they will remember for years to come.


hotel du villageThis article is presented by Hotel Du Village. Originally built in 1895 as a doctors private residence and reborn in the 1950 as an all-girls school, Landmark Hospitality has restored the original buildings and renovated the main house into one of the areas poshest boutique hotels with rich history and one of a kind design features.   The Hotel du Village boasts two buildings on approximately 15 acres of private estate land that you and your guests can enjoy exclusively.  Experience an elegant French Country Estate with 22 luxury guest rooms , in ground pool and tennis courts delicately placed about a mile outside the town of New Hope.  Weddings and Events take place nightly in either our Colt Ballroom , accommodating 120-250 guests or you may select The Historic Ballroom that can contain 75- 250 guests accordingly.   The added benefit of onsite guest rooms gives clients a truly private chateau experience, ensconced in the surrounding natural beauty as well as the well-manicured grounds and indoor spaces.  Start your evening off with a cocktail in the Historic Ballroom Pre-function room highlighting a one-of-a-kind reclaimed two tone wood ceiling and end the evening at one of the fireplaces, indoor or outdoor, reminiscing with friends and family.



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