Nestled in the historic towns of Perkasie and Ambler is a little slice of New York fashion. Perkasie's Jill Strickland, owner of Frox Boutique, brought the New York fashion scene to the suburbs of Philadelphia thirteen years ago. When Jill began her journey with Frox. she wanted to offer women something unique. Modeled after the New York fashion world, Jill created a boutique where women could come and have an individualized experience with personal focus on each and every customer.

After the success of her first store in Perkasie, this Pennsbury High School alumna expanded into a second location in Ambler in 2012.

We were lucky enough to get to talk to this busy Bucks County fashionpreneur, a 2015 Top Mover & Shaker of Bucks County:

Bucks Happening: What motivates you?

Jill Making women feel good about themselves and there body. So they can not worry about there clothes, and move about their  day in confidence. Making a difference in my small corner of the world.

Bucks Happening: What would you say is your idea of a perfect day?

Jill: It' sunny outside and our door is open. Ladies are coming in to find the perfect outfit and happily discovering lots of clothing and accessories that work. There are piles of clothes on the counter! To top it all off, I'd indulge in some Chipotle. That is perfect!!!

Bucks Happening: Who inspires you?

Jill: Diane Von Fustenburg inspires me; I have met her many times, and her story is amazing. Her mother is an Auschwitz survivor who survived through sheer determination, inspiring Diane to become the woman she wanted to be, which happens to be the name of her autobiography.

The other is Anna Wintour, who, again, I have met her on several occasions. She is a strong powerful woman. Self-made and using her power and influence to help friends and young designers through the CFDA.

Lastly, my customers. They are amazing women who go about there lives with grace and beauty.

Bucks Happening: How did you decide to go into the fashion industry?

Jill: I started in the fashion industry working for a sweater manufacturer. From there I learned every aspect of the business – dying baths, sorting samples, warehousing duties, sales trade shows, fit modeling, production, etc. All this deep industry knowledge is what makes me a better buyer and store owner.

Jill: First my children. Then, a  close second are the stores they are also my babies.

Bucks Happening: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Jill: The biggest challenge has been getting through the recession. When money is tight with our customers, it passes down to us. Trying to keep quality items in stock at a good value along with a great staff, high quality marketing and all the other aspects of running two successful stores has been a challenge.

Bucks Happening: What is the biggest accomplishment that you’d like to achieve over the next 5 years?

Jill: Having the stores growing through online business to become stronger and maybe having a little time to enjoy it all.

Bucks Happening:  How do you think your friends & coworkers would describe you?

Jill: My friends and coworkers would describe me as always on the run, always saying I have this idea, a little crazy and I hope sincere and humble. I truly care about them and there needs and want every one in my world beautiful and happy!

Bucks Happening:Where’s your favorite place to go in Bucks County?

Jill: My favorite places in Bucks County are all the quaint towns with great architecture walking around shopping in all the the stores and eating outside in one of the many cafes.

Bucks Happening: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself ten years ago, what advice would you give?

Jill: If I could go back in time I would tell myself that it all works out in the end, and if it hasn't worked out it is not the end. And enjoy the journey!

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