You love your neighborhood, the schools, your yard, and the proximity to your workplace, friends and family. But, your home isn’t quite meeting your family’s needs anymore. These are typically a family’s reasons for expanding a home instead of moving. And with the help of Milex Residential, you can fall in love with your home all over again.

Run by owners Mike DeMaio and Steve Bohn, Milex Residential's experienced team brings expertise, quality, and warm customer service to every project. They can provide as much guidance as needed, so things stay on track and within budget. As contractors, they can offer you a team of interior designers, architects and designers, as well as a roster of trustworthy subcontractors. Whatever is needed to create your dream home, Milex is there for you from start to finish.

In addition to cost and fulfilling your needs, two of the biggest concerns when undergoing home construction are disruption to your daily life and exterior aesthetic. Fortunately, these are two areas that Milex takes great pride in. Planning a time of year that works best for your family is key. But Milex also does everything they can to limit the disruption as much as possible. According to Steve Bohn, “Depending on the project, we’re able to build the addition to about 80% completion before breaking into the existing home. And when we’re there, 20% of the day is set-up and clean-up.”

Curb appeal is huge on resale. And, obviously, you want your home to look its best while you’re living there, too! You don’t want people driving by to be able to point out where the original house ends and the addition begins. “The idea is to make it seem as natural as possible,” Steve explained. This can be as simple as choosing similar features and finishes as you already have in your home, matching windows and tying in landscaping. Or, it could become a little more complicated. Steve gave one example where the Milex Team actually went to a specific quarry to hunt down the exact type of stone that had been used in the existing home so the look could be replicated in the addition. And sometimes, your home renovations can lead to upgrades to the rest of the house. (After you pick out all your fancy new things, the rest of the house might need some sprucing up!)

“The idea is to make it seem as natural as possible.” ~ Steve Bohn, Milex Residential

Photos showing how the main house featured 25-year-old, original stone. The new garage addition features brand new veneer stone. Perfect match!

If you’re looking to improve the functionality and square footage of your home, schedule your free consultation with Milex Residential!

And to get the ideas flowing, here’s some inspiration …

Design Your Dream Kitchen

For many families, a kitchen is the beating heart of the house. It’s where meals are prepared, people gather – the very epicenter of activity. In terms of renovations, it’s often the one that packs the most punch. And it’s also one that’s high on the list of ROI. Sometimes, kitchens just need to be reconfigured, or you want to update the cabinets and finishes. But there are also times where the space simply isn’t large enough for a family’s needs.

Kitchen remodels and additions are a favorite project of Mike DeMaio’s. “It's one which ultimately makes a home owner’s life easier and can add a great deal of value to a home.” Adding on to the kitchen could include a bumpout, breakfast nook, pantry, or a complete redesign to make the space larger, more open and most importantly – more functional.

Expand the Bathroom

Like kitchen expansions, increasing the bathroom square footage can greatly increase the value of your home. (Not to mention, improving your bathrooms can make your family’s life more enjoyable!) Extend your master bathroom to include a soaking tub, double vanity, larger shower or linen closet.

If you’re in need of a whole additional bathroom, you’ll want to look for the perfect place in your home to do so – taking plumbing and house flow into consideration. Under the stairs, an under-utilized closet, an attic bonus room and basement are all contenders for a half bath addition.

Incorporate a Mudroom or Enhance the Laundry Room

A designated mudroom is a really common request for home additions. While many houses have entryways, they don’t always have the storage needed to keep those coming-and-going necessities organized. An entire mudroom (often with plenty of cubbies, shelves and hooks) is a convenient way to keep the everyday shoes, coats and backpack clutter contained. According to the pros at Milex, adding on a new main entrance off your garage is an ideal way to do this. (You could also include a garage addition at this stage if you’ve been craving more car space.)

A designated mudroom offers plenty of storage solutions to contain clutter. Adding a new entry off of the garage keeps your main home entrance clear.

Along the same lines, a larger laundry room is another common addition that can make your everyday life easier. Consider including features like a sink, built in drying racks, cabinets and drawers for cleaning supplies and extra linens, and plenty of counter space for folding.

Add a Bedroom

If your family size has outgrown your bedroom total, adding a bedroom is always desirable. Many houses in Bucks County were built with single story garages without anything above them. Constructing a bedroom over the garage is a great option to gain space without increasing the house’s footprint or taking anything away from your yard.

If you already have a bedroom over the garage, you could consider doing a two-story addition with a bedroom above and an extra garage below. (Because who couldn’t use the storage for cars, bikes, tools, etc.)

Make Use of the Space Over the Garage

If you don’t need another bedroom, that buildable space over the garage can be used for other purposes like a master closet and dressing room, playroom, home office, theater room or library.

Add a Family/Great Room

Does your family need more space to gather together to relax? Or like many families with kids, maybe toys have taken over the current family room, and you simply need something bigger to meet everyone’s needs. A custom designed great room can accomplish that – with space for a fireplace, hidden toy storage, television viewing, and that huge sectional that actually fits everyone comfortably.

(Tip: If your basement hasn’t been finished, a basement remodeling project is also a common way to get more family space. Read more about renovating your basement with Milex here.)

Milex Residential aims to exceed your expectations in every way so that you can have the home of your dreams.

Milex Residential is licensed and insured in PA and NJ.
They are located at 2310 Big Oak Road, Ste 200, Langhorne.
For more information and to schedule your free consultation,
call (215) 245-1685 or visit


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