The Sacred/Sagrado: Festivals of Mexico exhibit, featuring the photography of Jenna Mulhall-Brereton, will run from January 2 through May 27, 2018 at the Pearl S. Buck International Exhibit Gallery located at 520 Dublin Road, Perkasie, PA.

The exhibit features Philadelphia-area VIPs from the Latino community, photographers, museum dignitaries, and politicians along with board members, executives, volunteers, and members from Pearl S. Buck International who will be in attendance at the opening reception of this exhibit of Jenna Brereton’s photographs of Mexican festivals.

The exhibit will highlight Mexican culture through the work of noted photographer, Jenna Mulhall-Brereton, in the Sacred/Sagrado: Festivals of Mexico exhibit. The Hispanic population in the United States is the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority, constituting 17.8 percent of the U.S total population. Hispanics of Mexican origin accounted for 63.3% (36 million) of the nation’s Hispanic population in 2015, by far the largest share of any origin group. 

Pearl S. Buck International’s vital work in intercultural education* includes exhibits that educate the public about the diverse cultures that make up the country and world in which we live. Past exhibits have highlighted the plight of Amerasians in the Philippines and shared the story of Jewish migration into China.

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