Being a new mom is tough business. Between balancing work obligations and family life, your world gets rocked in the best possible way—and it’s easy to see why exercise gets pushed to the back burner. But all the bunk “bouncing back” and getting back to your “pre-baby body” narratives aside, finding time to work out is a great way to mix in self-care. And who couldn’t use a touch of TLC when your days and nights are spent caring for someone else?

New moms in Bucks County are turning to barre3 in Newtown & Doylestown to get their fitness fix.  In addition to offering childcare, all instructors are trained on helping new moms adapt for a safe and healthy workout.

So whether you’re itching to jump back in or struggling to find the motivation, here are six mama-friendly benefits that come with breaking a sweat at a barre3 class.


And only you. Of course, this is no small feat when your entire focus is on a tiny human 24 hours a day. However, carving out even a small amount of “me time” is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body.


Exercising releases major endorphins, which work wonders during a time when your hormones are doing some crazy things to your mood. Think: renewed energy, less anxiety, and plenty of optimistic thoughts.


A lot of being a new mom feels like failure: you can’t soothe your baby, you can’t get them to sleep, you’re having trouble nursing and so on. At the end of a hard day, working out can remind you of the truth: that your body is strong, hard-working and capable of so much.


No, we can’t help your bundle of joy sleep through the night (sorry!). But research shows that exercise promotes better sleep for you, which means that when you do get the chance for some shut-eye, your body will be better at maximizing the opportunity.


Caring for an infant is incredibly physical, but it targets very specific—and not at all balanced—parts of your body. Because B3 is designed to balance the body, it’s a fantastic way to counter any imbalances that come from all that lifting, rocking, bouncing, and carrying on one side.


Being a mom can be lonely, even if you’re never alone. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than talking with someone who just gets it, and group exercise classes are the perfect place to find like-minded gals who can help you de-stress, vent and feel supported.

For more information visit the barre3 website.



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