The Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) now offers a corporate wellness program, so that the community can get healthier together! The corporate wellness program implemented on-site at your workplace will allow for your employees to live a healthier & more balanced lifestyle – in and out of the workplace. For as we all know, the health and wellness of an organization's employees directly correlates with its overall success.

At the Newtown Athletic Club, there is a 90-Day Nutrition and Fitness program known as HealthyCARE. It's been such a success that upon request by other community leaders and corporations, they have begun implementing this same program into regional corporate sites.

“This program was full of helpful information. It taught me how to eat and stay full by pairing, planning and preparing foods. What made this program successful for me was the guidance I received from our coach through lecture and feed back on my food journal along with meeting one on one with the dietitian.” ~ Program Participant

The corporate onsite insurance-funded program can include:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling services

  • Group nutrition counseling

  • Lunch and learns

  • On-site fitness classes

  • Memberships to Newtown Athletic Club

The success of the program is measured through employee feedback, as well as an outcomes assessment that includes a finger-stick cholesterol and glucose screening.

The program is run by the Newtown Athletic Club’s
top leaders in health & wellness –
Kate Golden, The Director of Health & Wellness Operations and Lisa James, HealthyCare Program Manager and Registered Dietitian.

What Participants Are Saying

“It has helped me be aware of myself, my surroundings, foods that surround me, and the lack of self care, sleep and food for me. I like the little skip in my step I got by attending class, feels like I'm smiling a bit more.”

“This program is about lifestyle changes, not a diet. I now have the knowledge I was lacking around healthy whole food eating and behavior modifications.”

“Mindful eating, backed by consistent meal planning, is a win-win!”

“Positive Team Influence: We've decided to have a (healthy) shared lunch salad – weekly at my office so everyone can share in the benefits of eating well. Coworkers are interested in the next round, if offered.”

“Program participants are positive and supportive! Sharing recipes is just one plus with the group, the emotional support has also been a bonus. There is no judging and everyone seems to be comfortable discussing their difficult times as well as their good times. We've truly learned from each other's journey.”

With the importance of health & wellness on the rise, now is the time to make a positive change that could positively affect your employees and overall organization.

For more information about the Newtown Athletic Club’s corporate wellness program, contact [email protected].

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