NY Post Touts Bucks County as a “cheaper, better Hamptons alternative”

ny post bucks county

Credit: http://nypost.com/2016/08/03/new-yorkers-discover-cheaper-better-hamptons-alternatives/

A recent article in the New York Post named Bucks County as a “cheaper, better Hamptons alternatives” alongside long weekend favorites like the Berkshires and South Shore of Long Island.

More and more, New Yorkers are discovering the beauty and value of the region, which is a convenient 90 minute drive away from the city. Here’s just a bit of what the Post had to say about Bucks County:

“Populated with gracious Queen Anne and Italianate homes, Bucks County — whose best-known town is artsy New Hope, on the banks of the Delaware River across from New Jersey — has become a magnet for budget-conscious city buyers looking for a rural retreat with a serene atmosphere.”

The article also shared the story of two Manhattanites, Helen Pavlov and her husband Harvey Zeichner, who have enjoyed Bucks County living for over two decades.

The real beauty of the area is that it hasn’t dramatically changed since we’ve been coming out here,” says Pavlov, a radiologist. “There are simply not a lot of vacation locations for New Yorkers that can say that.”

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