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People say, “Don't judge a book by its cover”, but that doesn't stop anyone from caring about how they look. Everyone desires a healthy, youthful, and low maintenance complexion, and adding a facial to your routine is simple, healthy way to achieve that.

We recently sat down with Jeanine Sackett, owner of the brand new, REFRESH organic facials & skincare, which is located at the Wood Lane Wellness Center in Langhorne- a one stop all around wellness shop offering chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, yoga, a family doctor, nutritionist, and now, facials! Jeanine and her colleage, April McCaughey, talked to us about their mission to make beautiful skin all-year-long accessible to everyone in Bucks County through their innovative membership programs.

A facial is often viewed as a treat – something to do just once or twice a year or perhaps before a special occasion. The rare facial is still relaxing and rejuvenating, but major results are only achieved when they become a regular part of your routine. Jeanine and April ideally recommend a monthly facial but also note that big benefits can be achieved through seasonal treatments.

“Our skin is the first thing to hit the cold air of winter or the harsh sun of the summer months so a facial every season can really help keep you fresh,” explains Jeanine. 

We know what you're thinking, “Wouldn't that be wonderful? But I'm not some real housewife or hedgefund manager who can afford to pamper myself with frequent facials!

Well, REFRESH organic facials & skincare is changing that, making frequent facials achievable for everday clients through their spa facial membership programs.

1461601_1416131438657700_5243115181516963151_nHere's how it works. Rather than getting the $70 a la carte facial, locals can choose:

  • A 6-month commitment: Get monthly 60 minute organic facial customized to your skin's needs at $55 per facial
  • A seasonal commitment: Receive 3 or more  60 minute organic facials customized to your skin's needs, to be used at anytime throughout a 12 month period at $60 per facial

That's as little as $330 for 6 organic hour-long facials, a price tag that you'll find covers just one to two treatments at many spas!

These packages offer a fantastic, affordable way to give the gift of healthy skin and relaxation to yourself or someone else.

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