A Night with Rocky Horror

The talented cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at BC Playhouse

Driving through New Hope at 12am last Saturday night, you would probably think things look pretty ordinary. There’s a crowd enjoying drinks on the patio at Havana’s and a few groups outside of the Sandbar, but otherwise the bustling streets are beginning to thin out.  Tucked away along the river, though, the Bucks County Playhouse is preparing for it’s midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, the actors’ third show of the  day, and inside, is a scene that is anything but ordinary!

crazy spiderwebs outisde the playhouse (not decorations!)

We walked into a room full of roaring theater-goers, cheering on raunchy games led by the actors to get everyone in the appropriate Rocky Horror spirit.  While I had watched the movie before, this was my first Rocky Horror theater experience, and I must admit I was a bit nervous.  I knew to expect the unexpected but  wasn’t entirely sure of the protocol. Waterguns? rice? toast?  The last thing I wanted was to stick out as the rookie in the audience.

At midnight on Halloween morning, the lights dimmed as the show began with a short, quirky film letting us Rocky Horror amateurs in on the ridiculous “rules” of the show. (Phew!)  The audience’s enthusiasm was infectious, and before I knew it, I was on my feet dancing to Time Warp and shaking the rice out of my hair.  The actors gave exceptional performances and kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire show. Frankenfurter, Janet, & Magenta entertained with their amazing voices while Brad, the Criminologist, & Riff Raff delivered laughs with their perfect comedic timing.

Maybe it’s the lively interaction, the unusual plot line, or the whacky combination of the two- but something about the classic show creates a feeling of comradery among the audience.  Seeing Rocky Horror was the perfect way to spend the wee hours of Halloween morning.  I can’t wait to go back next year prepared with a bag full of rise, super soaker, and a loaf of toast!

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