The great city of Philadelphia is known for many things- rich history, die-hard sports fans, mouth-watering food, and even pharmaceutical companies. However, an innovative technology hub is typically not at the top of the list.


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While we may not be the next Silicon Valley, change is definitely in the air in both Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. A few years ago, a couple of New Hope teen entrepreneurs sold their social media platform for $100 million. Thriving e-mail marketing company, AWeber, recently opened their Silicon-Valley style office in Chalfont, complete with twisty slides.  Dozens of venture and angels groups are actively investing in the region, including a government-led initiative called StartUp PHL. And there’s so much more.

seth goldsteinInspired by the emerging technology environment in the region, Doylestown’s Seth Goldstein, owner of Goldstein Media which is a web design and Internet marketing company, recently launched, where he covers the Philly tech scene.  In fact, one of his segments, The Interview Show, recently featured Happenings Media co-founders Angela Giovine & Tina Paparone.

We turned the spotlight back on Seth and had the chance to ask him a few questions about his new venture:

BH: You recently started a new online series about the Philadelphia tech scene. Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration?

Seth: Philly is in the shadow of giants. Silicon Valley to the West, NYC/Silicon Ally to the North and Boston even farther north. Philly and the surrounding area has a tech scene as great if not greater than NY, in my opinion. It’s not getting the credit it deserves. I’ve been podcasting since 2006 and have been in the journalism/marketing scene for longer than that. I already had a few sporadic shows going and decided one day to combine them into a network. Other people like the idea of the network and many have started developing their own shows for the network. Right now we have 5 shows and a bunch in development. We’re always looking for more people to get involved and as always looking for sponsors and advertisers for the shows.

BH: What attracted you to the tech world?

Seth: I’ve always liked technology and geeky stuff. I’d have to say the tech world caught hold of me in high school in the 90s with AOL and 56k modems. The Net was so slow then, but totally fascinating. I wanted to be a part of it. In 1998, a web designer came to my high school and talked about Web design. At that point I was hooked.

BH: You’re a big social media user. Which platform do you like using best?

Seth: I use most of them in some way or another. But I really like Google+, because that’s where the geeks are. Twitter is also a great tool, and I’m on it daily.

BH: And which social media platform would you say is the most essential to life in Bucks County?

Seth: There are two. Twitter and Facebook. Twitter for realtime updates and announcements and Facebook for the community.

BH: In your opinion, which local tech companies are ones to watch?

Seth: Hands down Det Ansinn’s Brick Simple and I have to say us

BH: As a digital entrepeneur, finding a great place to work remotely is key! Where is your favorite place to work remotely in Bucks County?

Seth: I’d have to say Panera in Doylestown or Warrington. The atmosphere is great and lots of outlets. Starbucks in downtown Doylestown is great, too.

BH:What has been the most challenging and the most rewarding part of your entrepreneurial career?

Seth: The most challenging is making money. The most rewarding is doing what you love.

unnamed-5BH:Where do you go or what do you do to get inspired?

Seth: My 2 year old son Ilan inspires me. He’s so adventurous and such a wonderful little boy.

BH:What are your goals for and Goldstein Media?

Seth: I’d love to grow into a sustainable network of good content about Tech and Lifestyle in the Philadelphia-area. I want to continue servicing clients and growing Goldstein Media, my marketing agency as well. If anyone needs Web design, Social Media, or Internet Marketing we’re only a click away.

BH: Congratulations on the latest project, Seth! We will certainly be following along as Philly continues to emerge as a market for technological innovation.

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