As a petite woman with a few areas I prefer to keep hidden, I know how intimidating bathing suit shopping can be!  I will see a beautiful bathing suit worn by a 5'10” model in a catalog, order it, & somehow it doesn't look quite the same when I- standing 5'1″- try it on.  The problem is that just like clothes, different bathing suits are cut for different body types.  While I'd never buy 36″ long jeans, I for some reason think a bathing suit that fits a tall pear-shaped woman will look good on me,.

That's why Bucks Happening stopped in at Shirley & Co. in Newtown last week to get professional tips on how to find the best bathing suit for YOUR body type. Shirley & Co. is undoubtedly the best place to buy bathing suits in Bucks County.  Co-owner, Merrill Levin, showed me around their shop to point out the best designs for 4 different body types- apple-shaped, curvy, pear-shaped, & petite.

1) Apple-shaped (like me!): These women tend to want to cover their midsection & show-off their legs, and this bathing suit is perfect! The ruffles are a flirty & fun way to flatter the tummy.  With a traditional bikini bottom, though, you still get to show off the legs you've worked so hard to tone.

2) Curvy– Oh- the power of ruching! This one-piece offers style, comfort, & most-importantly flatters a curvy woman. Look for a bathing suit with support on top and fabric that pulls towards the midsection to accentuate the smallest point on your body.

3) Pear-Shaped– This tankini is a perfect choice to accentuate curves & hide problem areas. Merrill pointed out that bathing suits with skirts have become a fashionable option for modern women, whereas in the past, skirt designs were geared more towards older women.  The built-in cups & thick straps also offer lots of support.

4) Petite/Small-on-top- This bikini looks fantastic on a petite woman, especially someone who wants to give a little lift to the top.  The ruffle accents are not only adorable but give you a little boost!

By applying these simple strategies, bathing suit shopping becomes a whole lot more fun.  After my trip to Shirley & Co., I believe that everyone can feel comfortable and sexy at the pool or on the beach!

Shirley & Co. Locations:

23 Summit Square Center, Langhorne Pa 19047, 215.579.7005

8120 Old York Rd., Elkins Park, Pa 19027, 215.884.5401


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