Single in the Suburbs: Single no more!

Welcome pumpkin spice season! Fall has arrived – what better time than to write this post? Everyone is snuggling into sweaters, looking for someone to share spiced apple cider with. I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. My apologies, but there’s a good reason for that – I’ve met someone. Yes, I know. And of all the places I’ve been, out of all of my adventures, I met him right here in Bucks County. Crazy, right? 😉 I’m now proof that it can happen and I’m further proof that it happens unexpectedly! (Seriously, I wasn’t even “technically” looking)

But here I am. No longer single. No longer assessing the potential of the room or going on first dates. Now, instead of my usual Bucks County hangs, I’ve found myself looking at favorite Bucks County places from a new perspective. Things I’ve done around here so often suddenly feel new, like walking through Peddler’s Village, going to the County Theater, and going to my favorite restaurant.

Ok, if you’ve followed me up to this point, I commend you. If I were reading this last year I would’ve likely vomited by now at the underlying cheesiness of this post. I’d just like to say that I’m happy and excited for things to come. With that, I leave it to you, Bucks Happening readers. You need to help us find another fabulously single gal living it up in Bucks County. Another great, insightful girl to review that new spot, tell you about her experiences, and guide you through the craziness that is dating.

While I’ll miss writing about my single times in Bucks County, I’m excited to share new experiences with my boyfriend, although I must admit that it still seems strange writing that!

Stay positive, have fun, and enjoy another beautiful fall in Bucks County!

Would you like to be Bucks Happening’s new Single in the Suburbs? If you’re a single lady dating in Bucks County, this could be the perfect gig for you! Email [email protected] for more information about applying.


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