Springtime Shopping Tips

By Alex Buccino, RD, LDN, Retail Dietitian of ShopRite of Yardley

Senior man cooking meat on barbecue

Senior man cooking meat on barbecue

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, it’s time to brush off the grill (or give it a good start-of-season cleaning), clean out the pantry, and start making room in your fridge for all the wonderful seasonal fruits and veggies that always mark the start of spring.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to getting your kitchen “springtime” ready with pick of the season recipe ideas.

Fire Up The Grill!

So technically, your grill might not be in your kitchen – but if you’re like most people who are grilling aficionados, your grill is just as indispensable a cooking appliance as your stove, oven or microwave. Just about everyone loves grilled foods – and not just because pretty much everything tastes better hot off the coals. Besides its ease and convenience, this time of year, it’s super-easy to grill up a bunch of chicken breasts or fresh salmon, and while your grill is working its magic, you can heat up a ShopRite steam-in-the bag vegetable in your microwave, and cook up some ShopRite quick cooking quinoa on the stove. In no time at all, you’ll have a healthy, well balanced meal that can be done quickly and easily with virtually no prep time.

Invite Everyone To The Bar

…Your salad bar, that is. Let everyone in your family decide what goes in their salad by setting up a delicious “salad bar” right in your own home. Lay out some vibrant greens for a base (try iceberg, romaine or Boston lettuce), or add spinach, red leaf, kale, arugula. Pair with a selection of veggies, and protein toppers like edamame, kidney beans, tofu or hard-boiled eggs. If you want to get really creative, think about offering nuts like pecans or almost, or seeds like pumpkin or chia as a final touch.

Create DIY “Grab-And-Go” Snacks             

The warmer it gets, the more time you’re likely to be spending outside. Whether you’re hiking, attending sporting events, or just taking walks around the park, now’s a great time to prep your pantry with lots of “on-the-go” options. Why not buy a big bag of mixed nuts and separate them into individual baggies. You can also make a healthy trail mix using things like shredded wheat, bran cereal, low fat popcorn, nuts and dried fruits. Last but not least, don’t forget about the importance of hydration. Water is the best and healthiest beverage, but if you have a pickier palette, try adding freshly sliced fruit to your H2O, or use flavored seltzer to curb your thirst.

Have More Questions About Healthy Springtime Eating?

9d79e49e-732d-49a9-b6ad-2bfec3134e3eThe ShopRite of Yardley offers free nutrition services year-round courtesy of their in-store registered dietitian. Customers can make an appointment for a complimentary nutrition consultation by stopping by the office of Alex Buccino, RD, LDN, the Retail Dietitian of ShopRite of Yardley or by phone at (215) 595-0078 ext. 3001, or email at [email protected]. ShopRite also offers culinary workshop cooking classes which feature delicious, in season, healthy recipes that customers can sample and recreate at home.




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