Doylestown-based interior designer Franca Caserta has done something that many of us wish we could do more often; turn a painful experience into a positive one.

Franca’s story is a little bit different from most authors; she never set out to become an author.  She lost someone special 3 years ago, her dog Emma. With her passing she, she questioned whether it would ever be possible for her to open her heart again to another companion. But along came Charli, looking at her with its big brown eyes and her story begins.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Adventures of Charli My Rescue Puppy – A Book with a Mission

Advertures of Charli Franca Caserta
When Franca brought Charli home from a local rescue shelter, she began to share his antics through her social media, as many people do. It was the response to her posts that inspired her to make a children’s book, The Adventures of Charli My Rescue Puppy.

Half of the proceeds of the book benefit Almost Home Dog Rescue Doylestown, the shelter who rescued Charli, and The Ambrosia Foundation, which helps people who cannot afford rehab.

The Dog With A Mission

Charli just became a certified therapy/comfort dog and we are part of Roxy Reading in Doylestown. He will be volunteering at the schools, pediatric unit at Doylestown Hospital, Pedia Manor and the Bucks County Courthouse to comfort children who are victims of violent crime or who suffer from abuse or neglect. As a rescue dog, Franca Caserta thinks Charli will know what it feels like to be scared and alone.

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