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by Nicole Loughan

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Something in my internet search history, or my friends group has led the internet to think I’m a Tasty mom. I’m getting unsolicited meal making videos daily from a mysterious company called Tasty. While I did not sign up for them I do love watching them. There are some very creative and quick cooking ideas that are perfect for moms on the go. Many of the ideas involve pre-made crescent dough and only require you to throw a few things together to make a unique meal, or dessert in a jiffy.

I wanted to see if I was the only one experiencing the phenomenon of Tasty videos. In case you missed it, Tasty videos are short cooking show videos, typically under 30 seconds which show a hand coming in and mixing together pre-measured ingredients to make a recipe in a big hurry. They are posted on social media sites. I get them in my feed on Facebook.

When I asked some friends if any of them had gone Tasty I learned we were all getting them. My sister, who is a health guru, said she could not in good conscience recommend any of the recipes because they were too high in fat and sugars, but then she went on to tell me she made a Tasty buffalo cheese dip for a company party and it was to die for. She also said she was thinking of buying stock in Pillsbury because the videos were so reliant on Pillsbury products and everybody seems to be trying them. My cousins and friends also shared recipes that they enjoyed from the site. The best response I received was from my own mother. She misunderstood what a Tasty video was and sent me a picture she took with her phone of her cookbook. It was a recipe on how to make frozen fruit pops at home. She’s so cute.

I posted a call to my friends on Facebook and asked them to share the best of their Tasty experiences, though they are not the healthiest. Check out what they came back with below.

Cinnamon French Toast Bake – The cinnamon French toast bake was so popular I had it in my feed from at least four different people and the video has been viewed more than 100 million times. It’s a mixture of pre-packaged cinnamon rolls, eggs and syrup all baked together. Some of my responders said it took longer to bake then the recipe said and some said they added more syrup at the end because a lot of it was lost in cooking. The recipe video is available here French Toast

No Bake Chewy Granola Bars – These also came up from quite a few directions, though it has only been viewed 15 million times. They are no bake granola bars made with main ingredients coconut oil, quick oats and chocolate chips. From my feed moms say use mini chocolate chips to top the bars, not full size.  For the full recipe video check here Granola.

Mozzarella Meat Balls – According to Tasty’s own top ten the Mozzarella Meatball is number one. It has more than 150 million views. It’s pretty much what it says in the title a surprise bit of mozzarella stuffed into a typical meatball recipe. The balls are cooked in pre-prepared marinara sauce in a slow cooker. The video for Mozzarella Meat Balls and entire top ten list can be viewed here. Top Ten

Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado Salad – I had to include at least one healthy item, but to be honest there is not a chance my children would eat this. My daughter actually drew a picture at school for the five senses of the worst smell she could think of and it was a salad. But it doesn’t mean I can’t eat it. I can place it next to Dino shaped chicken nuggets and at least present veggies to my kids. Though I know I’ll end up eating it, as happens with green beans and peas. For the full recipe check here: Salad

Are you being bombarded by Tasty too? If so share some of your experiences.

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