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Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will wear in your life. Thus, it is important to get it just right. However, some people make some errors that see them have to wear a dress that is not perfect on their wedding day. Here are the Dos and DONTs to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress.

DO Take Photos of Yourself

It is an important style tip when you choose a dress. In most cases, a wedding dress store mirror only gives you one angle. Have someone take photos of you from different perspectives. It will help you to see how the dress will look on you on the wedding day. Try out different poses to see if it still looks stylish as when you stand still. Taking photos is important as you will take many photos on the wedding day. You do not want the wrong dress style o put a stain on your wedding day.

DO Wear A Well Fitting Bra

Most people do not realize how much influence their undergarment could have on how the dress looks. For one, you will feel more confident as you try on different bras. Visit a bra fitting specialist to get the perfect bra. It will play a major role in helping to shape your wedding dress.

DO ask a lot of Questions

Ask the boutique owner and the store assistants as many questions as you can. The chances are that they have helped hundreds of women before you to find the perfect dress. Listen to any input the have to offer. Since you have probably seen less than a dozen people in wedding dresses, your opinion of how you should look counts for less.

DON’T Go Late in the Afternoon

If you do that, there I a good chance that the store workers are already tired. You should visit the store early in the morning when the daily strain of work has not set in. Additionally, going in the afternoon could mean you find then in a bad mood. They may thus not be as corporative as if you had gone in the morning.

DON’T Demand the Wrong Size

It is a common mistake made by brides when they plan their wedding. In most cases, they will order a dress that is small than their current size. The hope is that they will have shed the extra weight by the wedding day. However, that rarely happens. Most brides usually end up trying to make corrections to their wedding dress or having to purchase another dress. However, if it happens that you ordered a smaller dress, do not panic. You can always request for some extra fabric from your designer.

DON’T bring too Many People to Your Fitting

Some people believe that bringing many relative and friends to their dress fitting is the best decision they could ever make. However, that is not the case. Too many opinions will make it hard for you to find a dress that works for you. You should only pick from among your friends and relatives those who have some background in style. Additionally, you can choose a small group of relatives and friends whom you think to have the best sense of style. At times, you may even choose to go alone.


No doubt choosing your wedding dress is going to be a stressful affair. However, with these style tips, it should be less bumpy. Additionally, remember to match you undergarment with you skin color. You should also think of wearing body shaping undergarment on your perfect day.



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