The Wedding Cake Whisperer: Town Crier Bakery

Every bit of planning a wedding comes with a crazy combination of excitement, fun, and dare I say it- even sometimes a bit of stress. That’s why choosing wedding vendors that you like and trust is so important; you don’t want to worry about any of the details on your big day! For those reasons, Town Crier Bakery is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best place in Bucks to get wedding cakes and treats.

We’ve visited with Town Crier in the past to learn about their amazing sticky buns and holiday cookies so we know owners Roseann & Kerry always make their delicious treats from scratch. When we started our big wedding contest, we also learned that they make beautiful wedding cakes. In fact, Roseann at Town Crier is gaining quite the reputation as the “cake whisperer” from all the happy newly-weds . The nickname started because Roseann, who is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, has the natural ability to not only make brides feel comfortable, but to guide them to their dream wedding cake. Intrigued, we wanted to know more about Town Crier’s “cake whispering” and luckily, got the chance to ask Roseann a few questions:

BH: When a bride and groom comes in, what is the first question you ask?

TCB: I usually give the couple my congratulations, and then begin with the basic questions before diving right into the BIG ONE… What is your dream wedding cake vision and how can I help you see it become a reality!

BH: What types of cakes and icings do you offer? And which are the most popular?

TCB: We offer all the traditional flavors like butter pound cake and yellow layer or devils food cake; we also the non traditional flavors- cheesecake, carrot cake marble pound of several flavors and varieties. Our newest flavor is cream cheese butter pound. We also will create any flavor profile the couple requests.

BH: You’ve earned the nickname the “cake whisperer” because of your ability to point brides and grooms in the right direction in selecting the perfect wedding cake. What’s an example of when you did this?

TCB: We had a wonderful eclectic young couple come in after several visits to other bakeries which was fruitless and frustrating to them, they were unsure if their dream cake could be made at all! Their toppers were all they had for inspiration (him- Freddie Kruger, her-corpse bride). I took my vision from the corpse bride dress the scrolling was from her dress design, they appreciated that I did not judge their request and were so happy we embraced it. The cake truly reflected who thy are as a couple (not dead and ugly) but unique and fun loving.

BH: What was the most memorable cake Town Crier Bakery has made for a wedding?

TCB: We made a 6 tier replica of the Stanley Cup for a starving couple of Flyers fans (starving for a Flyers parade and a REAL STANLEY CUP)

BH: What do you tell brides- butter cream or fondant?

TCB: I tell the brides that butter cream is a better tasting, budget-friendly option especially in today’s tight budget economy. However if they really want it I offer them the option of fondant accents.

BH: How can you help budget-conscious weddings?

TCB: KIS (Keep It Simple) I suggest butter cream over fondant and details that keep the cake within their budget, yet still achieve there dream cake.

BH: What’s the sweetest thing you about you job? (excuse my pun- couldn’t resist!)

TCB: Knowing that I have impacted my couples in a very close and insightful manner and made their dream vision a reality.

BH: That must be a wonderful feeling- the icing on the cake! (I know, another pun! :-)) Thank you so much for being involved in our big Bucks Happening Wedding Contest and making one of our readers dream wedding possible. We can’t wait to see what the “Cake Whisperer” comes up with!


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