Yardley Happening: Getting Fit with Pilates Bodies by Patty Witt

By Elisa Baxt


Since 2013, Bucks County fitness enthusiasts have become addicted to the high-energy workouts of Pilates Bodies by Patty Witt.  Whether it’s an aging adult building their core strength, a competitive athlete working to achieve efficiency of movement, or just anyone looking to get in shape, Pilates Bodies by Patty Witt has ignited a spark in the Yardley community, earning two Bucks Happening List awards and two Best of Bucks County awards in just two years!

Pilates is a system of exercise that helps strengthen, lengthen, and promote greater flexibility. It can be performed utilizing special equipment, designed just for Pilates, or on a mat, under the supervision of Witt, a third generation Pilates instructor, or by one of her highly trained instructors.


Pilates Bodies opened in April 2013 in a charming little building across from Lake Afton and has grown to offer over 150 classes each week which include traditional Pilates on a mat, Reformer Pilates, and on the tower in a boutique setting. Something unique to Pilates Bodies members is that memberships- which are available monthly ($99), annually, or by individual class- also includes indoor cycling, Barre, and bootcamp classes.


While she hasn’t compromised on the art of Pilates, Witt explained. “I wanted to add some cardio equipment and cardio classes because I didn’t want my members to have to have an additional gym membership.”

Pilates Bodies by Patty WittWitt chose RealRyder bikes, which move side to side, mimicking an outdoor ride and giving riders a full body workout including the obliques and biceps. Pilates Bodies is one of only a couple of places on the East Coast to offer them.

Innovative in her approach, Witt also added fun-spirited classes like Ride the Spring which is half spin class and half reformer, Ride the Barre which is half spin and half barre, and a popular class called BOB, which stands for ‘Buns, Obliques, and Bikes’.

“It goes so fast!” she said. “It’s a special mix of indoor cycling and specific exercises for the buns and oblique muscles.”

Members of Pilates Bodies can also take boot camp classes where each workout is different. In one session, members might do sprints on the canal path, burpees, or lunges up the hill. “It could be cardio exercises outdoors, or even workout stations,” Witt explains.

However, what Witt brings to Yardley is not just a unique fitness program. Members rave about the sense of support and fun. “It so down to earth here and one of the greatest things about membership is the sense of community. Everyone is encouraging and nurturing,” shares one member.

The studio is well-known for the dedication by Witt and her instructors- the one-on-one attention each member receives. “This is the first time in my life I’ve ever stuck to an exercise program,” Joy, who joined Pilates Bodies two years ago and has lost 55 pounds explained. “It becomes part of my day. The studio is three minutes away from me, and it’s just what I needed at this time in my life.”


Witt’s philosophy is “Have fun, be comfortable, and work to your own level of physical ability. If you’re having fun, you are more likely to keep it up; and being in good shape is so important for good physical and mental health.”

Intrigued by all of this? Don’t be nervous! New member of Pilates Bodies start by taking Newbies classes – an Introduction to Pilates- and continue on with special coaching, even in a group class. Instructors are able to modify each exercise to match the member’s ability.

After two years in Yardley, Patty is still just as enthusiastic about helping each and every clients at Pilates Bodies. “I feel guilty some days because I love what I’m doing so much.”

Pilates Bodies is open 365 days a year and members register online for each class. They’re currently offering two Back to School specials:

  • 20 classes for $224
  • One year for $1199

You can also take individual classes for $17 per class.  The first class is free and Pilates Bodies offers a 30 minute complimentary private lesson!

Want to get started? To sign up for your first class, just register through the Pilates Bodies online scheduler at www.pilatesbodiesfitness.com or email Patty at [email protected].





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